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November 25, 2019

Is WebRTC as good as it seems?

WebRTC is an HTML 5 specification that is considered one of the best by top developers. It comprises of components that make the job of a developer easier. However, they are several arguments that it may not be as good as it claims. Nonetheless, a very important feature is that it allows you to add real-time media communications between your browser and device. Considering other amazing features that it proclaims to have, we shall take a critical look at why this HTML specification is better than others.

How does WebRTC work?

Previously, developers had to use C/C++ to build anything that will allow voice or video calling. Using this method is not just expensive but involves a long development cycle. With the introduction of WebRTC, all that has changed. WebRTC has a Javascript API layer that allows you to integrate real-time communications too. Developers for online casinos who design casino games will also benefit a lot from WebRTC. The most popular types of these online casino games are available here at the New Zealand Casinos guide.

Also, WebRTC is available on most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. it is believed that Apple is also making moves to add WebRTC to Safari. Interestingly, you don’t also need a browser to use this specification. WebRTC can be embedded into an application too without using a browser.

To cut the long story short, WebRTC makes accessing your microphone, camera, and other functions on your mobile device or laptop easier. You can interact in real-time too. Apart from the voice and video, you can send any type of data too.

Reasons why you should consider using WebRTC Let’s highlight a few things that are exciting about WebRTC. The first on the list will shock you!

WebRTC is free!

This HTML 5 specification is free for commercial and private use. So is there any reason not to use it? Not for now at least. It is also constantly evolving, so there is room for improvement.

However, WebRTC doesn't have a built-in signaling mechanism or protocol. Does this make it inefficient? No, it doesn't. You can use the already hosted public servers instead or opt for other servers that have a built-in signaling mechanism and protocol. This technology has the prospect of being around for years.

WebRTC is supported!

This specification will be completely useless if it is not supported or compatible with modern browsers. It is compatible with other browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox and even most mobile devices. Previously, the belief was that WebRTC was limited to browsers alone; you can use the source code on a mobile application.

It is easy to use!

Do you know that you can build a whole healthcare application with just WebRTC? That’s how simple and easy it is to use. It has three API’s.

You can also design a calling service application, include recordings and also use it for data delivery. So it is up to you to decide what to use WebRTC for. From our analysis so far, it is obvious that WebRTC can be used for a lot of things.

In conclusion, WebRTC has made developing applications very easy. Building applications in real-time is no longer as complex as it used to be. However, there is no doubt that you still have to study and consult with other people to avoid making mistakes. WebRTC usage is limitless. Switch on your PC and start building any application of your choice.

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