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December 23, 2019

Technology advancements in Online Gaming

Online Gaming

Online gaming involves an interactive aspect that not only makes them entertaining but also realistic. Today, the best online games allow you to interact with other gamers, making real-time communications a crucial factor in the gaming world. While a jackpot bonus code may not need this technology to survive, time are changing in the gaming market, and interactive games are getting more attention than others.

Today, games are more advanced than they were two decades ago. They are more advanced than ever, usually networked and also available on mobile. That has contributed to the tremendous growth of the gaming market, increasing by over 50% every year. As such, real-time communication fits well with the intersection of the gaming world with mobile technology and social media.

But where does that happen?

Competitive and Collaborative Gaming

Whether you’re playing an online game with friends or adversaries, you’ll want to communicate with your fellow players at one point or the other. Unfortunately, not many conventional games offer this capability as the main part of the game. In most cases, players have no choice than to co-ordinate using third-party platforms like skype.

While co-ordination between gamers has always been an issue when playing online games, today most cutting-edge games are using real-time communications to improve the experience. Leading developers are today using audio and video chat to enrich the gaming experience, allowing the players to interact effectively without third-party apps. That’s a feature you can expect to see in most new online games.

Live Chats

Live chats are a helpful real-time communication tool that has grown from a competitive advantage to a basic requirement in online gaming. That includes the help windows pop-ups at the right bottom corner of a web page to the ones that allow you to reach other players on the platform. In fact, statistics show that over 75% of online gamers prefer to live chat than other means of communication since they love instant replies to queries.

Live chats have proven to be effective for all kinds of gaming websites, ranging from sports bookies to online casino games. That’s why gambling sites are implementing live chats to offer personalised, accurate and timely information to their customers. The live chat section helps the players to quickly sort out deposit and withdrawal issues, as well as other private questions that may arise.

Trivia Shows

If you’re a fan of tech news, you’ve probably heard about HQ trivia or even played the game yourself. HQ Trivia is the result of a combination of TV trivia, mobile gaming and social media. The broadcaster poses his questions to the players and lets them give the answers in real-time. Prizes reach up to thousands of dollars daily, catching the attention of millions of people.

Interestingly, the concept of trivia shows has grown in popularity thanks to the efficiency of real-time communication. For instance, platforms such as Gravy.live combines the shopping experience with online gaming, allowing you to interact with the broadcaster for cash deals and prizes. Gravy.live is a simple example of how trivias are using real-time communication to enhance the gaming experience for players, and you can expect to see more as technology evolves.

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