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December 30, 2019

Know Who Should Use Cloud Hosting and Why?

When you add your business online of course, you are hoping for great things, all of which essentially come down to traffic. Visitors bring money so if your site is down or running poorly, it quickly translates into lost revenue. That could be awkward if you are not tech minded and it’s not the sort of thing you can risk in the highly competitive online market. If something as simple as a guest not being able to progress to the next page could lose you income, perhaps a cloud hosting service is a viable solution.

When it Makes Sense to Use Cloud Hosting

If you're concerned about the transparency and flexibility offered by your website host, you may want to go for cloud hosting. It is a secure, scalable and fast hosting option for most businesses. Whilst it may be new, it is still more than capable of offering enough support to keep a medium to large scale site working. It works great for companies like Netflix that rely on 100% uptime and cannot afford glitches in performance.  It is equally suitable for a business just starting to scale up their services and traffic levels.

If you run high traffic blogs, you could benefit from cloud hosting. It comes available at different levels from those suitable for individuals to enterprise organizations. There are other benefits of using cloud hosting. A particularly useful one is for if your website experiences a sudden spike in traffic. A cloud based host can ensure your page does not take any longer to load.

Many people think that they can avoid issues like downtime and deal with high traffic by choosing a virtual private server or a dedicated server. While these options may work, they will fail to offer the kind of scalability you get with cloud hosting. But, it is also important to know from the onset you are going to need a level of technical expertise to manage cloud hosting. This is where your choice of service provider really matters. JavaPipe provide a good service and their deals for new customers are impressive too. You will be able to use an intuitive control panel designed with beginners taking advantage of cloud hosting in mind.

When You May Want to Avoid Cloud Hosting

While there are many benefits for business owners choosing cloud hosting, it may not be suitable for all business types. It is an impressive service but if you're currently on a shared hosting plan and it's serving you well and your site is performing because traffic doesn’t exceed the limits,  there is no real need to switch to cloud hosting and spend more money.

Even when your needs increase, you don't always need to make the switch because things like image optimization, caching plug-ins and utilizing CDN can help make your current hosting plan respond optimally. What this boils down to is that you only really need cloud hosting if your site experiences over 100,000 visitors a month. Wanting it anyway is another thing.

Cloud hosting is new and it is proving itself noteworthy in terms of unwavering reliability and all round ease of use. But that doesn’t mean the old ways of hosting are defunct. In fact, it’s just the opposite. All technology has moved on and web hosting providers have been quick to respond to new demands in the hostings market. Now, whether you use cloud hosting or not, you can build your package from an array of options, tailoring it to your business requirements, expected future needs and even your own level of technical expertise.   

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