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February 12, 2020

Oculus VR GO Headset Sales Made Up Largely of Adult Users

Technology is moving things forward nowadays. How we perceive the world around us can soon be changed with virtual reality (VR) technology. This technology is continuously expanding and showing no signs of slowing down. Its application has been tested on a wide range of markets ranging from education, online shopping, travel and tourism, virtual cinema, medicine, etc. But believe it or not, the phenomenal growth in VR sales doesn’t come from the aforementioned markets – it’s actually porn. We’ll explore some of the reasons why this is so.

The Gaming Industry Didn’t Keep Up with the VR Hype

The initial hype for VR Headsets due to its introduction into the market as a new console for video, mobile ad online games. Since the invention of the VR headsets in the 1990s, there was much anticipation of a bigger wave of follow-up by the time the next-generation VR headsets are made. Two decades later, Oculus created the first prototype headset, the Rift as part of its Kickstarter program. In 2014, Facebook Acquired Oculus and Sony Announced their VR Project.

The year 2016 was the year of great anticipation. Oculus, HTC, and Sony released their fully operational VR headsets, which set off a new wave of application development. However, the gaming industry didn’t match up to the VR hype. Only several games were released that had VR-compatible versions. The porn industry, on the other hand, came well prepared and was able to provide content across all VR headset types.

Men Generally Like Porn

What seemed like a low sales performance in VR headsets for VR games was more than covered by the skyrocketing sales of VR headset sales for porn utilization. When it comes to innovation, the porn industry has adapted to many changes in the preferences of porn viewers over time. According to pleasure-seeker.com, there are more than 30 VR-dedicated sites that have emerged on the internet, and this number will continue to grow over the coming years. With the next-generation VR technology still in its infancy stage, there are still more improvements that will be incorporated to make the VR environment more immersive and realistic, and the porn is well-equipped to take advantage of these upcoming developments in VR technology.

Pornography is The Leading Driving Force Behind the VR Industry

With the gaming industry and other industries with VR utilization still in the process of creating niches for VR applications, the porn industry has already established a niche as soon as the VR headsets became fully available in the market. When you check out the internet statistics, you will realize that “VR porn” is the most searched term in relation to virtual reality, with 3 of the top 5 VR-dedicated websites being porn sites. Although having VR headsets to be associated with pornography is not the primary intention of VR headset manufacturers, they have to accept the fact that porn is their biggest profit driver for now as they struggle to establish new niches to appeal to mainstream users.

The age-old industry of porn has evolved over the years and has adapted to many changes in technology. Proof of the industry’s innovation is its ability to influence growing sales numbers of VR headsets. Although porn isn’t the intended mainstream use of VR technology, other niches can still learn from the seeming success of the adaptability and innovativeness of porn. After all, if you don’t have what it takes to adjust the new technology, you’ll be left out of the technological race.

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