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February 27, 2020

The Best Mobile Apps for Soccer Fans

Soccer is without a doubt the most followed sport in the world. The number of fans has always been on the up, and so is the growth of football leagues around the globe. It has become almost impossible keeping track of whatever is happening on different stadiums for the loyal fans, but with the help of simplified technology, everything is right at your fingertips. Devoted soccer apps have been developed, and now, more than ever before, fans can get instant updates right on their mobile phones.

For those who love betting, you can also get a soccer betting app for use anytime, anywhere. While there are thousands of mobile apps for soccer apps, we have tried to identify only six of the best.

#1. Forza Football

This is the ultimate app for any soccer fan out there. It comes in the Android and iPhone versions, and brings you up to the minute updates for thousands of football matches across the world. The user can make selections of their favorite teams for instant notifications on every occurrence on the pitch. It was formerly known as Live Score Addicts.

#2. ESPN

Another popular mobile app for the fans is ESPN. It is popularly known as the dedicated sports channel, famous for the timely updates on matters soccer. Fans can get news, analysis, and stats from ongoing events as they happen. For a more personalized experience, fans can favorite their teams to ensure that they do not miss any action.

#3. FotMob

Users love a free app that has everything clearly spelt-out. That is what FotMob, or Soccer Scores Pro is all about. Get the schedules for TV matches, the latest news, score updates and results, as well as standings for leagues all over the world.

#4. OneFootball

Probably one of the best known soccer apps among fans, largely due to the personalized user experience it offers the fans. With the OneFootball app, you can personalize it to receive updates from your favorite teams, the leagues you’re interested in, or specific matches on match day.

#5. theScore

If you’re looking for up-to-the-second updates on soccer matches, theScore is your go-to app. It is developed to bring you the latest events as they happen, and even more, it combines all the info you might be looking for prior or even after a soccer match. It is the ideal app for Betway betting fans who love to keep themselves aware of whatever is happening on the pitch.

#6. Football Manager

The Football Manager offers the user a more strategic view of their favorite game. Even better, it puts you in charge of your chosen soccer teams, giving you the opportunity to weigh up your football managerial skills. It is one of the best loved apps of its kind, with fans of different teams engaging in team selection competitions for fun.


You will find loads of soccer apps for both Android and iOS experience, majority of which are free, while others are paid for. In most cases, the difference is in the ads where mostly, free apps are not ads-free. Whatever it is, looking at the apps highlighted above, your experience as a soccer fan should be top-notch.

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