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March 05, 2020

Why you should be using Infographics in Your Content Strategy

Choosing the right content is crucial for maintaining a successful business. However, it is also essential how you present that content to viewers. Even if you have high-quality content, you might face a problem of transferring that information to readers.

There are many different methods that can improve your content delivery methods and choosing the right one for your business will bring you a lot of benefits. Sometimes simple copyright free images are not enough. Personalized and trustworthy infographics are one of the best and most popular ways of visualizing your content and make it more presentable to users.

It has the power to increase your engagement, improve user satisfaction, and make people connect with it. In this article, we will browse to some of the benefits that infographics can bring to your business if you use them in your content strategy.

1. Our Brain Processes Visuals Much Better Than Text

It is no surprise that our brain processes information presented in a visual format much better than text. However, sometimes we forget about this fact, which can lead to producing boring content that readers cannot process efficiently. The truth is that the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster. So, now you know why infographics are so important.

2. Readers Can Easily Digest The Information

Sometimes it is hard to explain something without visualizing it. On the other hand, not everyone has the time to read long and complicated articles. That is where infographics come into action.

You can present information that readers can digest quickly and understand the point of the article without losing to much time to think about the subject.

3. Infographics Can Tell Stories

You cannot capture the moment well enough without the right visualization tactic. Sometimes you need to “paint the picture” to users in order for them to understand what you are trying to make. Infographics are much better at telling stories.

Why do you need to tell a story? – Well, storytelling can bring you a lot of benefits. For example, it can strengthen your branding strategy and improve your SEO. Remember, it is not all about the information you are trying to pass to other people, and it is also about how that information will make them feel. Infographics are great for enhancing user experience and creating a much better story.

4. People Prefer Infographics

The other reason why people started to use infographics so much is that they became very likable. In other words, people prefer to see infographics more than regular content. Since they are easy to digest and get the idea behind the article quickly, they engage with the content more often. Infographics are also a great way to earn links from other websites and gain domain authority.

5. They are Shareable

Just because people can fully understand the meaning of simple infographics, and most of the time, they are amazed by the statistics, they share them more often. This means that you will gain free promotion from all people that felt something through your infographic. We all know that users react better to visual content which explains this situation. For example, tweets with images have 18 more engagement than tweets without images.

6. Present Yourself or Your Business as an Expert

People think that if someone came out with great statistics just to prove a point about a subject, he or she must be an expert. You might think that this is comical, but it has the potential to create the perfect image for your business. That is why people spent so much time designing complex and well thought out infographics.

Companies are adapting to the way of presenting information to the final reader. We can see the use of infographics in every part of the world. I mean, even the top games in the NBA expert picks would not be the same without infographics, that allow us to understand the performances and overall odds of a certain team or athlete to achieve results.

You don’t need to be an expert to create an informative and well-designed infographic. You just need basic Photoshop skills and a good idea on how to transfer your information through a visual image.

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