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April 07, 2020

Great Tips to Build a Successful Ecommerce Store

Creating a profitable ecommerce venture takes time that not everyone has. But if the dream to start a personal business is still strong, and you cannot afford as much time, taking the efficiency route is a good piece of advice.

The following tips will be of use to those who want to succeed in the ecommerce industry, so make sure to apply them when building your store.

Tip #1 – Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be one of the priorities. You want to make sure that shoppers are happy with as many aspects of the store as you can.

For instance, if you are running a custom merchandise e-store, consider working with Printify. It is a Print on Demand & Drop Shipping Platform | 250+ Products quality products, over 90 printing facilities across the world, and 24/7 customer support.

Other aspects of a good ecommerce store would be multiple payment methods, easy check-out process, and customer support with quick response time. Remember that a happy customer will be the one to return and spend more money buying from you rather than the competition.

Tip #2 – Create a Memorable Brand Name

Pushing a small business to success is not something that a lot of individuals are capable of accomplishing. But coming up with a catchy and memorable brand name would push you towards a better future.

A brand name should also be easy to pronounce, something that rolls off the tongue. Like Amazon, eBay, or Flipkart. When you get people to talk about your business, positive word of mouth will do a lot of good.

Customers are leaning to buy from brands that they already know, or have heard recommendations from their friends or family.

Be consistent with the name and use the same one everywhere – website, social media channels, or merchandise. Even a slight change in the name will confuse people, and those who are familiar with it will think that it is a different brand.

Tip #3 – Optimize for Search Engines

Businesses need to invest in search engine optimization. Even with a small budget, you should look to fight for better positions on Google rankings.

Organic visitors offer more because they come after typing keywords and phrases related to buying. It is not someone random who has clicked on a link that their friend shared on social media. No, organic traffic is one that every brand should aim for. Not to mention that ranking higher raises brand awareness and helps to establish you as an authority in the industry.

Tip #4 – Market on Multiple Channels

SEO is not the only method to attract customers. And you should not be static but take a proactive approach and get to marketing on as many different channels as possible.

Social media is the first that comes to mind. The most popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram give you opportunities to run ad campaigns, cooperate with influencers, organize contests and giveaways, and interact with the followers directly, strengthening relationships between you and the customers.

Pay-per-click marketing is also worth investing in as your budget will go to clicks. However, it may take a bit before you create a good campaign. Prepare to test a lot of keyword and ad copy variations.

Finally, you have email marketing. You can start collecting an email list the moment you launch the website. Use available plugins to automate the process. Incentivize website visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, offer them special discounts and personalized recommendations.

Tip #5 – Keep Track of Data

Analyzing data from tools like Google Analytics gives you opportunities to make wiser decisions in adjusting the business. See how price reduction or new product introduction changes the grand scheme of things.

Pay attention to the bounce rate on individual pages. It is possible that visitors are not happy with what they find there. Perhaps it takes too long for a page to load, or the image quality is not high enough.

Customer reviews also tell a big story. If you are bombarded with negative feedback from everyone, it will not take too long before the business has to be shut down. So be sure to pay attention to these things and adjust to the situation accordingly.

Tip #6 – Research the Competition

When you feel like things are not going that smooth anymore, try to get some inspiration. Even if it is looking at how your competitors are doing. You may get a new idea or two or start to rethink how things could improve.

Genuine feedback from someone you know personally can also help. When you are an owner, it is hard to look at from a different perspective, despite trying to put yourself in the shoes of a customer.

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