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April 13, 2020

10 Best Construction Management Software Solutions

For most the project managers or person-in-charge in the construction project, the construction management software can be a great game changer. It is not a new thing that the construction management software is considered important by the professionals who are working in the construction and relevant industries. In the present business environment which comes with great obstacles and challenges, one will need to present the best possible results. And the construction management software is one of the most significant successful factors that everyone involved needs to consider.

In many cases, the use of construction management software can bring up much better results. But the benefits are spectrum because that include the cost effectiveness, turnaround time, work productivity, resources, and many more. The construction management software can help you manage the project in appropriate ways so that the project will be finished on time and in appropriate manners.

Of course, all of the benefits that you are expecting become more realistic if you choose the right construction management software for the upcoming projects. But save your time in searching and see the list of 10 best construction management software solutions for you.

Erbis Cloud Services - Best of the Best

Erbis Cloud Services have been surfacing in the world of software engineering because the Erbis company can answer to the Full-Stack Development.

With the Erbis cloud Services, you will be able to attain the perks of full-stack development of project workflows.

Erbis is able to help you to tailor the automation of construction project workflows in a centralized platform. Erbis team consists of senior software engineers who are able to provide the solutions in regard to automation of workflow management for construction projects.

No matter the size of your construction project, Erbis Cloud Services will deliver the best solution for you.

All you need to do is to contact them with your inquiries, and proceed.


 Aconex is a software designed to cater to the large construction projects. Therefore, it is usually a prevalent choice for bigger construction companies who are used to handling bigger projects. As we know in the big construction, there are complex tasks and activities between the teams. Aconex simplifies it so that the result will be much better delivered.

The cloud system allows all the users to communicate and collaborate fast. When there's internet connection, everyone can leverage this software to cue to the project milestones.


GradeBeam software offers the collaborative and communicative perks that can be reaped by the contractors and the involved parties. That includes the respective project teams, clients, suppliers, as well as stakeholders so that everyone will be on the same page. GradeBeam guarantees the secure channel wherein the parties who have level access can share classified documents, updates, materials, and other things.


Newforma focuses on the smoothness of communication and collaboration that allow the project teams to work together on the same track through the cloud.

Based on the PIM - project information management framework, the live collaboration feature will help the entire team to be aware and synced with the real time project lifecycle. The visual context sharing feature can allow you to discuss the project data with clarity.


Monday.com is a versatile project management and collaboration tool that allows the users to monitor and manage the projects in detail. Through this software, you will be able to manage the budgets, schedules, resources, and other details that you need to make sure all of the involved parties including stakeholders will follow through the information and update without missing any details.

This will help you to streamline the information through different parties including the project team members, contractors, managers, clients, and relevant parties to be on the board together. It is so easy to make everyone aware so that you don’t have to kick off big meetings every time there are gaps to fill in.

The collaborative options allow the users with a certain access level to update the status of the work. It comes with a free trial if you’re planning to assess the service first.

Autodesk BIM 360

If you are looking for the great aids in the entire construction project phases, then this one can be the best software for you. The goal of this construction management software is to focus on the productivity, minimum risks, and cost effectiveness in every project phase. No matter the scale of the project, it is an ideal choice for project managers and supervisors to keep tracking the progress of the project. It eases you in planning, documenting, as well as implementing the project.


Procore mobile construction management app. Yes, Indeed. You’ll be able to use the service with the tap of your fingers. The app exploits the cloud and mobile technologies to help improve the user experience. Procore allows the users to access the system, communicate and collaborate with the other team members and make sure that everybody is on the right page. Accountability is the key aspect of this software. If you have deadlines and limited budgets to comply, this one's for you.


Builder is a significant software that helps the users to plan the project well in order to reduce the cost and delays risks. The important features offered by this software is the milestone tracking which can lead all the involved parties to take the most effective route from planning to the completion of the project. The users can access it through their mobile device or PC.


It is a cloud construction management software for home builders and remodelers.

The cloud service of software comes with the features that allow the users to manage the planning, project management, scheduling, as well as budgeting.

This software can help you to easily coordinate the construction projects and share the progress with the teams, stakeholders, as well as the clients. To see how the things work, you don’t even need to subscribe to the service. You could sign up for a free trial before deciding.


RedTeam is rather unique software because it was designed by the contractors for contractors.

Obviously, RedTeam is not for beginners or self-proclaimed folks in the construction industry. It comes with the high-end features for project management, field management, project planning, as well as project development. But the good thing about the platform is that it comes with the drag and drop interface that eases the overall management.

The running software can guarantee the transparency between all the parties involved. It can optimize your construction project management with easy approaches.


If you are looking for a better project coordination, project management, and scheduling, then PlanGrid can be a great solution for you. It aims to collaborative approaches with better coordination so that you can cut to the chase and meet the deadline. It allows you to track every progress so that you can minimize the risks of revisions and reworks. It allows you to access the progress including the documents, reports, lists easily anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection.

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