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April 24, 2020

How Has Tech Changed the NFL and Where Will It Take the Game Next?

Perhaps it’s not surprising that with its bulging rule book, huge rosters and multiple timeouts, the NFL was one of the first sports to adopt technology.

Now there’s tech wired into virtually every aspect of the game, from how decisions are made by match officials to how coaches coordinate their defensive and offensive lines. Here’s how tech has shaped American Football so far, as well as where it may take the game next.

Officiating – Getting the Big Calls Right

With so much riding on the big decisions made by match officials pressure grew for television replays to aid the team of referees to make correct calls.

This culminated in the technology initially being implemented in 1986, only for it to be swiftly rescinded in 1992 due to it overly delaying games.

However, in 1999 it returned with a new speedy interface and continued to improve thanks to high definition replays combined with super slow-motion technology. Thanks to these advancements you can select NFL parlay specials without having to worry about being foiled by a poor refereeing decision.

Helmet Technology – Safety and Communication

webrtcworld.com has always been at the forefront of stating that tech products are a force for good in modern society, and that is certainly the case when it comes to the safety and usability of an NFL regulation helmet.

Each player’s helmet is now equipped with a digital headset so that a coach can guide him through a play. Even the referees have headsets so there’s no need to run to each other to confer over the noise of a baying crowd.

When it comes to safety, the NFL has been challenged over how reliable its player’s helmets are and has reacted by holding helmet manufacturers to high standards. This has led to said manufacturers adapting their technology to develop deformable shell tech and unique protective layering systems.

Coaching – Tablets Bring Tactics to the Palm of a Coach’s Hand

There was a time that a quarter-back had to think on his feet and that when the ball was spiked to him any number of options were at his disposal.

Technology has now done away with that, giving coaches more power to not only call and change plays in real time, but to also evaluate how strategies are playing out, with the use of touchline handheld tablet devices.

AR – Augmented Reality Brings the Fans Closer to the Game

With the NFL lagging behind the likes of the NBA when it comes to fan engagement, the league recently trialed the use of AR as part of in-stadium entertainment.

AR is undoubtedly where the future of the game is heading, with it only being a matter of time before players and fans alike are evaluating HUDs (heads up displays) as they play or spectate.

Author:  'Alan Hardson'

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