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April 24, 2020

What Makes TikTok One of the Fastest-Growing Social Networks in the World?

TikTok is currently one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world that could shake up Facebook, Instagram, and other older social networks with its popularity. In fact, it already has. Although TikTok became more active in Europe and the US only two years ago, the fact is that it exists for four years (launched in China as Douyin in September 2016) and used by many.

More Than 1.5 Billion Downloads From App Stores

When we say that TikTok is growing extremely fast – that’s not a cliché. Fantastic figures support research showing that TikTok has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times from app stores. For the most part in the short history of smartphones, the figure of one billion has been shown to be critical for almost all applications with high growth potential, so far, but TikTok has had no problems to master it. What’s a huge venture is that it has managed to do this in less than four years of its existence.

Although the number of downloads of an app these days doesn’t necessarily mean the success of a project, the fact is that TikTok is associated with many other fascinating facts. It’s impressive to note that in 2019, TikTok was constantly among the top 3 applications downloaded from the app stores. Actually, with 740 million downloads, it finished 2019 as the second most downloaded app that year (only behind WhatsApp).

It’s also important to look at how much attention has been paid to the study of TikTok by major social networks - it’s a clear sign that TikTok has great potential for growth and can significantly undermine the dominance of the most popular social networks nowadays.

More Than 800 Million Active Users Worldwide

How TikTok is a significant platform is clearly shown in the number of monthly active users. A Betway survey found a staggering 800 million people around the world use TikTok, by which it already squeezed out some other popular social networks. With the number of active users, TikTok has surpassed the always current Twitter, the largest business network LinkedIn, but also its direct competitor Snapchat. This is great news for TikTok owners and clearly shows how big and important this social network really is.

But, can TikTok reach the top of social networking rankings? If it continues with such significant growth, then it’s definitely close to getting in front of Instagram, while it will take it a while to do the same with Facebook. Instagram is actively used by one billion people every month, which is “just” 200 million more than those who use TikTok. It’s worth pointing out that Instagram saw a huge increase in user experience when it was taken over by Facebook, while TikTok has a completely different development path. The time will tell how big TikTok’s final reach is. Given everything seen so far - a bright future awaits it.

A Huge Number of Users Post Daily

TikTok is a social network focused on short video content lasting a few seconds up to a maximum of a minute. Users generally record interesting videos that are tailored to specific tunes that you can download from TikTok. Regardless of the fact that recording video takes extra effort and editing even more time - users on TikTok are extremely active.

Statistics show that as many as 34% of users publish new video content on TikTok daily. This is an enormous percentage compared to other social networks and users are very likely motivated by the fact that the more quality content they put, the greater their chances of gaining new followers. What’s special about this platform is that you can create a viral video even without having a single follower because the content is shown to the users depending on their interests – that’s certainly the trigger for a huge number of daily user posts.

Great Video Processing Capabilities in the App

Editing a video for posting on TikTok isn’t difficult at all because you have fantastic tools at your disposal that can create an extremely attractive video in just a few steps. You can record videos through an application where you can subsequently edit them according to your desire. This allows you to add music to the TikTok app with recorded videos, as well as various creative effects that make the video attractive – so, only creativity is the limit and everything you need is in the app itself.

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