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June 17, 2020

How to Be Innovative in Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

It’s never been so important to create a digital footprint than it has in 2020.  With the whole world trying to make their mark online, businesses need to be increasingly innovative, so they aren’t drowned out in the crowd.  Here, we will run through some things you could incorporate to improve your visibility.

Use Streaming to Boost Engagement

When it comes to social media algorithms, it is no secret that these channels are more favourable to video content, and in particular content that is streamed.  With streaming via mediums such as Facebook – you will then access push notifications to communicate with your followers, as well as having access to their friends should they interact with your content.  Facebook has confirmed that when their Facebook live function is used, it gets 4x more engagement than pre-recorded video content.  You can use this tool as a way to announce new products, to host Q&A’s about a specific product or service, or even to have an interview with a complementary expert that can add value to a topic or discussion that is linked with your company.  There are also streaming software’s that you can use to stream your content across multiple channels at the same time for optimum exposure.

Use Webinars to Push Valuable Content

Users and prospective clients are far more likely to become customers if you educate them and provide them with useful and valuable content.  Webinars are a great way to do this.  You may find that they won’t stay online for the full webinar, but they certainly will tune in for enough time to allow you to send the message that you want.  The key is also consistency, if you do one – don’t expect to get results straight away.  Make sure you adopt a strategy, where you can start to build your brand with this. This handy guide to webinar marketing will tell you all you need to know to make these a success for your business. 

Host Virtual Events

There has been a massive upsurge in the use of Zoom, not only for conducting meetings – but to host virtual and digital events.  Why not create a virtual event where you can build long-lasting connections.  Depending on your business it could be a training event or a virtual demo, or alternatively it could simply be a networking event where you can speak to like-minded people who could become useful contacts.  Once you create that community or are part of it – you will start to see the rewards.

Add an E-Commerce Function to your Site

It could be that you haven’t upgraded your website to allow people to make transactions online rather in person.  The rise in online shopping for both products and service has seen a huge increase in 2020, so it’s critical that you react to that.  If your business is product led, then it could be that you already have something in place but ensure that you have all events on your website tracked effectively. I.e record when someone asks to basket, to a wish list, or fills in a form.  If your business is service led, there is still the opportunity to sell this on an e-commerce site.  Create packages that people can easily view and purchase or add the facility to buy gift vouchers or cards. 

If you have been presented with new challenges in your business in 2020, then it is definitely the time to get creative and make use of the tools and functionalities the world of digital affords us. 

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