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October 13, 2020

Is it Efficient to Order Background Checks Online?

One of the most significant functions of Human Resource (HR) is recruiting new employees. It is typically a time-consuming process, taking the average Australian company about 28 days to complete. During the screening process, employers need to sort through the hundreds of applications, conduct multiple interviews for viable candidates, and carry out background checks before making them a final offer. This process requires the utmost efficiency.

In the past two decades, the internet has radically transformed the hiring process. From online application portals to online interviews, and even online background checks, HR managers’ jobs are now less laborious while saving time and improving quality.

Background checks, in particular, used to be a manual process, where employers needed to submit physical applications for police checks, visit schools for education verification, and more. But from secure online platforms, employers can now gain easier access to this information. So, yes, it is efficient to order background checks online.

Here are some of the notable ways ordering background checks online is effective.

  • Saves Time

With hundreds of applications to screen, HR managers need to effectively gauge the suitability of each applicant. Utilizing the latest and sophisticated online platforms enables screening in a safer, secure, efficient way. For instance, specialized online platforms reduce the turnaround time for background verification.

Some web-based solutions like Australian National Character Check allow employers to access the Criminal Commission databases to obtain information about the criminal past of an applicant. Such national police checks typically take between 1 and 3 business days to complete. Because of its simplicity, smaller businesses can even afford to carry out screening checks on potential hires.

The time saved on the screening process can then be used on other actions that will drive business growth.

  • Higher Quality Screening Checks

During manual background checks, most of the information is overlooked for several reasons. One, there is lots of information to consider, therefore, paying keen attention to all of it is challenging. Second, humans are susceptible to error. There are times when the wrong information is linked to an applicant. This hurts the integrity of the hiring process.

On the other hand, online background check platforms allow the fastest data collection while providing invaluable insights. Although they are prone to error, most are caused by an error during data input to the system. Computer systems can handle way more requests in a shorter amount of time.

Using the right technology and online platform will help generate more accurate and better quality results compared to manual alternatives.

  • Enhanced Security

Data protection is key in today’s world. And so, it is the responsibility of the employer to protect the information of applicants and employees. Since background checks are typically carried out by a third party, data sharing between the two of them must be secure. Online platforms make use of data encryption technology to secure the information of applicants. Moreover, no background check can be carried out with a formal consent of the applicant.


In today’s world, ordering background checks online is the most efficient way employers can gain valuable insights into their applicants in the least amount of time.

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