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October 28, 2020

The Impact of Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles are a scientific breakthrough that is starting to become very popular nowadays. The automotive industry is no stranger to innovation, and that is obvious with the introduction of self-driving cars and other things that at one point we could only dream of.

Below are some of the main areas that connected vehicles have an impact and why it is helpful or unhelpful!


Probably the biggest reason why connected vehicles are so accepted is because of the fact that it can make everything safer for both parties involved. A connected vehicle can keep passengers safe by not getting into an accident or crashing into an object.

A perfect example of safety from a connected vehicle is stopping a crash before it happens. In society, there are a lot of times that a car in front of you will slam on their brakes. If you have a delayed reaction, then you could be at risk to rear-end that car in front of you.

With connected vehicle technology, your car is going to already slow down some and alert you that there is a car in front of you that is rapidly decreasing in speed. It is examples like this that justify how important connected vehicles are and how they are going to save lives in the future.

Reduced Traffic Congestion

Yet another proposed benefit of connected vehicles is the fact that traffic is going to not exist anymore, or at least be reduced by a large amount. The thing that a lot of people do not understand is that traffic is usually caused by human error. Things like wrecks, changing lanes, being in the wrong lane, and other reasons are usually the cause of traffic.

Connected vehicles would be able to limit these human errors, and therefore in theory help to eliminate most of the traffic that we experience now. Granted, there could be still a bit of traffic, but far less than what people were experiencing before.

That would create more time in someone’s day that they could be productive, instead of sitting in their car.

Less Speeding

Another potential impact that connected vehicle technology could have is the limit of speeding on the road. This is a great point for the safety of others and the fact that connected vehicle solutions are likely going to improve the transportation industry.

If speeding is decreased, then we could have even fewer cops patrolling the roads and putting their time into that.

Many industries are facing a lot of new technology and innovation, but the automotive and transportation industry might be facing some of the most at this time. Things like autonomous driving and connected car technology are going to have even more of an impact than the items listed.

Things like mobility, emissions, and fuel consumption are likely going to improve in every aspect across the board. If you found this topic interesting, then feel free to leave or comment or share the post with someone that would enjoy it!

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