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November 09, 2020

The Role of WebRTC in Online Casino Streaming


Live dealer casinos have gained huge popularity recently. By video streaming games in real-time, they are a perfect solution for those who want to experience the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casino from the comfort of their home. Therefore, WebRTC can be extremely powerful solution for live casinos by creating an engaging and interactive streaming experience without users being concerned about latency.

What Is Live Casino Streaming

In live casino games, a croupier deals a game in front of a camera, which live streams the deal online. This allows players to view the game in real time and place bets accordingly.

It is similar like being in a real casino. You are virtually sat at a table with other players and the dealer is in front of you. Depending on the game, only you will see the cards that are dealt to you. Unlike traditional online casinos where you play against a software, with live casinos - the tables, cards, wheels, and croupier are all real.

Live casinos generally offer blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker. In order to play a live casino game you will need to find an online casino with live dealer games and register a playing account.

The Latency Challenge in Gaming

To help them make these games more enjoyable, it is important to have the best possible streaming of video so players will not suffer any kind of delay in the action. Online gamers know how frustrating it can be when there is even a one or two-second delay between the action and what appears to them. This can be the difference between life and death and, even when it is not so, it still can be quite annoying.

This has been the concern in the online gaming industry, especially when live dealers are added to the equation. If some players are able to see the action before others, it can give a bad look, maybe even a nefarious one. The addition of WebRTC technology has helped to overcome this problem, but the biggest challenge facing this was how to incorporate this technology on a grand scale.

Fortunately, there already were some real-world applications. FoxSports had been using the technology for their college football game day show with positive results, but casinos are often offered globally and can have tens of millions of players online at the same time.

Overcoming Latency in Online Casino Streaming with WebRTC

WebRTC has been the perfect solution for the online casino industry. Because it is able to support a wide variety of data, including video, voice, and other types of data, and can then transfer this between peers via a voice and video communication platform. In doing so the casinos are able to offer every part of the experience online.

Built in one of the most popular web languages, WebRTC is the perfect solution for allowing customers full access to the site using either Android or iOS apps. It is an open-source program and is supported for all major developers, including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, among others.

Because of its diversity and wide-ranging application, it has quickly become a popular choice for online casino developers. However, the excitement about WebRTC goes beyond diversity. The most important part for online casinos, especially those using live dealers, is the real-time transfer of data without delay. This is exactly what WebRTC offers.

Latency, the issue of a delay before the transfer of data begins, is a major issue across the web. Consider all that must be transferred from the casino site to your PC for you to be able to enjoy the game in real-time. You not only have all the information regarding the website itself, but video and audio transferred by players as well.

This would have been a disaster in the past, but WebRTC has made it a snap. As long as a person has a reliable Internet connection and a PC, phone, or other devices with a decent amount of processing speed, they will have no issues receiving the video and audio feed from the online casino.

This is extremely good news, as WebRTC has not limited the quality of the feed either. Players can use high definition cameras, something that the casinos use. The quality of information transferred from the server is exceptional. This not only allows them to enhance the time playing the game but has helped to make their sites even more impressive.


WebRTC can make live online casino experience even better. It is highly customizable and gives the opportunity for casino operators to stream video content at near real-time without compromising the quality and security of the stream. This is beneficial for both parts – online casinos and users.

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