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December 03, 2020

How to get real Twitch followers and viewers

Gaining a following on any platform can be tough at first and Twitch is no exception. When creating an online persona on any platform, the most important rule is to be authentic. That way your true personality can shine through easily and you will gain some real followers.

Twitch is a great platform for its users to make gain another revenue stream too. To achieve this, you must be able to gain real followers that actually view and engage with your content.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live stream, video service that focuses primarily gaming content creation. Of course, some Twitch users do post other streams focusing on music, creative content and ‘in real life’ streams.

Twitch allows for its content to be viewed both live or through on demand video. The main user base for this site focuses on gaming related videos, either of them playing games or explaining game storylines or cheat codes online.

Due to its popularity, Twitch users with many followers and high views on their content can receive commission. There has also been many partners that have joined forces with the site, offering the most viewed followers sponsorship deals.

How Do I Increase My Twitch Followers?

It is important to remember to treat your Twitch account as a business. This was you will be able to reap the rewards that are up available for those that gain a high following on the site.

A good place to start would be to set some clear goals. By writing a mock business plan, you can identify the followers you would want and those that will engage with you.

This may help you develop your niche offering that way you will create some dialogue and interest amongst Twitch users. Hopefully, this will encourage a wider audience to follow you and view your videos.

The key thing with gaining Twitch followers is to remember that they must engage with your content. There is no point in investing or purchasing followers. Even if you have a very large fan base, if they don’t watch your videos you won’t receive any benefits of having them.

You have to ensure that all your Twitch profile plans actually amount to profit. Unlike nearly other online sites, your followers are not relevant to the promotions you receive. You must focus on creating fun, thought provoking and engaging videos to gain more views.

How Do I Increase My Twitch Viewers?

Increasing your Twitch view rates will not happen overnight, this task takes a lot of time and dedication to your skill.  Sites such as useviral.com are a great way to help increase your Twitch following, without implicating your account. However, you must remember that followers are not synonymous with views!

Please, keep in mind that Twitch offers some huge benefits, this alone will be a great source of motivation to work on increasing your viewers. A great way for a newer Twitch account to start gaining some traction online is to partner up with other accounts. If you recommend other accounts, helping to create an online community, not only will your views grow but also so will those you are recommending.

You should specialise in a niche of your own, whichever style of gaming you most prefer or solely on a specific game. This can help you organically grow your Twitch account and draw more people to your videos and you will develop a better knowledge and skill in those games.

Many people develop their online schedules, this way their fan will know exactly when they plan to air new content. This is a great way to grow your views for free and has been widely tested and accepted. It gives people a chance to plan and take you and your videos seriously; a little planning goes a long way.

It may be prudent to develop a unique presentation style; this will differentiate your offering from other users. Not only will your content be more interesting, it will be memorable and recognised. This can be done relatively easily and without spending a lot of money. A simple change, such as an introduction jingle, a catchphrase or investing in better equipment to film with could be enough.

Closing Thoughts

Twitch is a powerful online platform that could be really positive for an avid gamer. Whilst popularity does take some time to cultivate and grow on Twitch, it is very rewarding. It is best received with real followers, those that engage with your content and offer reviews and insights, not by buying bots.

Twitch has grown into a large gaming community, it is a safe place for gamers to meet, watch and learn about their favourite games. Of course, some of its offerings stray from this topic, but it is most used for this. Try to remember that you can increase your following for free, you do not need to buy followers or views. Also, remember that if you do go down this avenue, the repercussions of this are huge and your account will be banned indefinitely.

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