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January 20, 2021

Simple Tech Apps Making a Difference

Today, applications are the spearhead of progress. They not only make life easier, they also empower individuals to reach those who are miles and miles away.

Digital technology is a significant player in this transformation, but without the advent of certain mobile apps, it would not have been so easy.

Productivity apps, apps for education and for social changes lead the power grids today, and these easy but effective apps are creating breakthroughs.

Here is a list of applications that people use every day to improve themselves or the world around them.

1.Productivity Applications

Productivity is extremely important to lead a healthy personal or professional life. Individuals use productivity apps to track their routine and live a prosperous life while corporations use such applications to evaluate their performance and their business efficiency.

There are many productivity applications that fall in different categories. Down here is a list:

  • Calendly

The calendar works like a private secretary. It arranges multiple meetings every week. With the instincts of a professional administrative assistant, Calendly can ease daily tasks.

  • ToDoist

ToDoist is intuitive and flexible, great for quick list-making and also greater programme management.

  • Asana

Asana with timelines can make charts of Gantt and keep the teams on track.it also assigns responsibilities to individual members of the group

  • Trello

A quick, easy workflow application is Trello. It uses columns and cards to visualise the status of different projects; progress is easy to see as it moves cards from column to column.

  • Zapier

Zapier helps to choose from the best applications and easily incorporate them for everyday use. Tedious, simple-to-overlook tasks are automated by Zapier.

2.Applications for Education

Learners use educating applications to clear their misunderstandings and to expand their minds. Below are the top 5 student friendly apps.

  • Classroom Google

Students can use Google classroom to send updates easily, build classes, start conversations, apply and rate assignments, ask for feedback and responses, share resources, and so on.

  • The EDX

From edX, students can learn anything under the sun and beyond. EdX has more than 2000 top university classes, such as computer science, business studies, linguistics, architecture, and many more.

  • Khan Academy

All classes are instructional videos. Videos show a virtual blackboard recording of drawings (like a teacher giving a lecture). And through these sketches, the narrator explains each lesson.

  • DuoLingo

It allows individuals to learn several languages in a fun and engaging way, such as English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Latin. This begins with simple image labelling games.

There are several types of fun games as students complete more levels that will develop vocabulary and grammar competence.

  • Remind

This one is quite similar to Google classroom, but it allows both students and teachers to  receive daily updates on the classroom activities as soon as they enter school group using a special school or class code.

3.Applications for Social Change

There are hundreds of applications in this category, but the top picks are:

  • EGood

The application links neighbourhoods, businesses and charities to bring benefit intent, add value to the company, educate people and collect funds for causes

  • Orange Harp

Goods made from high-quality, sustainable, or renewable raw materials are curated. They practice manufacturing methods that conserve resources.

  • Feedie

Feedie is an app produced by the Lunchbox Fund that helps people share with others their passion for food.

  • One Today

One Today is a mobile app which puts together individuals and non-profits through the quick $1 donation act.

  • Charity Miles

It is a free application that helps people to generate income by walking, running or biking to raise awareness for charities, with courtesy of their corporate partners.

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