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January 22, 2021

RTC technologies behind live casinos

All the technological developments over the years have contributed massively to many industries, and live online casinos are no exception.

Security is one of the vital parts of a casino, and so are all the means to easily interact with the clients/players. Then there are the payment methods, the apps, and many different other experiences.

The technological advancements in the past two decades drove the popularity of online casinos. The future will for sure continue this development path – and perhaps even speed it up. Once new technologies will start to be deployed across industries, they will redefine the casino experience for sure.

Live casinos have millions of players around the world, and it is an industry worth billions of dollars. Currently, most roulette or blackjack enthusiasts prefer to play their favorite games on the internet. They are by far the most popular games at live casino in Canada and around the world, but recently the collection has been enriched with games such as baccarat, monopoly or craps.

But which are the best technologies behind live casinos? Here are a few of them:

  • RTC (real-time communication)

RTC is an open source project that encompasses many tools and services allowing the players to communicate in real time. For example, voice, text, and also video communication capabilities through the browsers.

This technology means communicating in real time between players, using all sorts of telecommunication. It enables peer-to-peer communication among browsers, and there is no need for specialized software applications.

The RTC is extremely useful in live dealer casinos when it comes to video streaming games in real-time. This solution is an excellent one for the live casinos because it creates that interactive streaming experience which engages every player. Furthermore, the clients don’t have to be concerned about the latency.

  • Security

While security – or improved security – isn’t a technology in itself, it is continuously improved with the help of technological developments. For example, hacker attacks and data breaches must be prevented. Data security and money security – of both the casinos and the clients – represent the main targets of the cyberattacks.

For example, one of the new security technological features is the facial recognition scanners. Then, there is the 5G technology, that stands for the fifth generation of cellular network, or mobile Internet – a much faster and secure wireless networking. 5G will bring a better speed, improved payment methods, and also better mobile usage.

  • Cameras

Cameras aren’t exactly what you would call new, but they have been used in live casinos and improved this industry’s popularity.

They are used to improve the player experience, broadcasting the most games in high definition, and to stream live to the players watching the games from virtually any place in the world. The online casinos use the Optical Character Recognition technology that captures every action.

  • Game control unit

The game control unit helps encoding and decoding the game data, so that the signal of the cameras is received by the players. There are sensors on the tables, and also magnetic strips attached to the cards. This way, the game control unit can scan the card and keep track of which player has that card.

  • The monitor of the dealer

Then again, the dealer needs to watch everything on the monitor. It offers all the information needed to run the game, to be sociable and enjoyable, but also to keep an eye on all the action.

The dealer will see the details of the players sitting at the virtual table, and through the monitor there will be comments displayed from the players, and also their bets.

  • Other technologies

Other technologies used by the live casinos are the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), the wheel, the applications for mobile devices usage, and also the multitude of payment methods. Then there are technologies like steaming software, in-house servers, or data storage machines.

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