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February 02, 2021

How Real Time Communications Aid the Printing Industry

The printing industry has seen a steady growth in the past five years at an average rate of 2.1%. According to IBISWorld report, the revenue generated from the global printing industry is expected to reach $814 billion by 2022.

Companies need to enhance their printing efforts in this digital age. They should implement new technologies that are upwardly compatible and scalable solutions. Real-time communications or the instant and simultaneous exchange of information is a necessity in this age. It is vital for day-to-day operations in enterprises, printing management included.

Printing solutions are a global demand

Across industries, whether legal or financial, small or medium businesses, and even in government concerns, the necessity for managed print services and production printing solutions are ever present. The printing industry has leveraged the technologies of this digitally-driven change and powered their processes and solutions.

Globally, brands are adopting advancements such as AI, automation, data analytics, IoT, and machine learning. A key factor fuelling the growth and demand in the printing solutions is customised service or the print personalisation trend.

Moreover, the sustainability quotient is also high with digital printing, and accelerated use of renewable resources and improvement in print accuracy.

How Real-Time communication can change the game

The print industry can derive huge benefits from the interconnectivity options available in real-time communication. Business environments today are digitised, highly flexible, and interconnected. A major part of business processes and functions are operated through cloud platforms or other web-based technologies to provide real-time process management. Now, real-time communication in this scenario can enable accessibility and communication across a number of locations and devices, notwithstanding time.

Enhance performance and productivity through the use of management systems based on cloud. Cloud-connectivity can allow different users to access the same content and work on it simultaneously. Thus, a business can optimise its workflow within time and spatial constraints. With the new normal of remote working, productivity can be streamlined by facilitating real-time collaborations.

Printing solutions become more cost-effective and time-saving alternative with real-time communication. Customer engagement strategies change and innovate with increasing frequency. Similarly, printing management is also moving towards short-run projects that have limited duration for executions, or at least on-demand runs. Thus, eliminating bulk expenses and installations.

Real-time communication allows flexibility of last-minute changes. Adjustments in content until the very end ensures that the ability to stay contemporary in content, as well as avoids mistakes and wastage. Print monitoring can be carried on with real-time decisions while workflow automation is already reducing the risk of bad prints.

Affording better and multichannel communications so that businesses can contribute insightful real-time communication. It provides the ability to process a higher volume of real-time, and interactive communications that in turn allows responding to on-demand requests.

Ensure compliance with reduced risks since real-time communication allows for consistent branding in print management. Document and process integrity is maintained with better communication access. It also allows for constant compliance with regulations.

Wrapping up

With new and innovative solutions, the printing industry is expected to raise the value of the market considerably. From UV-cured inks or water-based inks to AI die/cut algorithms and real-time communication, digitisation has given a competitive advantage to printing management and solutions.

Industrial printing will see significant expansion in various substrates like glass, metal, packaging, textiles, and more. Nonetheless, real-time communication will provide the same benefits across substrates of high-quality, and efficient output.

If you are looking for better insights into your workflow and also expect such insights in real-time, let companies like Konica Minolta take you there. Stay ahead of your competition by adopting digital printing technology solutions in your business.

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