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June 03, 2021

A Brief Guide on Car Tracking Devices

In the 21st century, it is hard to tell when things go pear-shaped. Things are not as they used to be 100 years ago when the majority population were used to the simple things in life, with open-top cars like the 1914 Ford Model T or the popular Cyclecar that people drove around, and slow-moving transportation systems, and no one batted an eyelid at the thought of stealing your car.

Yes, things were much simpler and yes the economy, as well as the ideologies of people, were different. Fast forward to the 21st century and the idea of crime is prevalent in almost every town or city and people now have alarm systems fitted in their homes, as well as their cars. Things get stolen or lost all the time, so much so it has become a normal and accepted part of life.

However, for some, this can lead to a great loss. People spend years working to save enough money to buy that special family saloon or the open-top Porsche, and if and when they get stolen, it can sometimes be difficult to recover them, if at all.

Enter. Vehicle Tracking Systems.

What Are Car Tracking Systems?

One of the ideal solutions - it won't stop your car from getting stolen but will significantly help you to find it - is a car tracker device. These are mechanisms inserted into the car, as a defensive weapon against theft. They are electronic devices that are carefully and meticulously installed into the interior or exterior of your car, depending on the type of device and car. These have been rated amongst some of the most effective means of a security system for any car or vehicle on the roads.

These mechanisms come in two main types, namely ones that use VHF frequency signalling and others that use a GPS (Global Positioning System) system. Some vehicle systems use both systems.

How Car Trackers work

Car tracking systems have been highly specialised to provide accurate and up to date information in the event that a vehicle has been stolen and needs to be recovered. These systems are so modernized and versatile that they enable tracking even when the car is underground, for example inside of an underground car park in a building. Obstacles such as the reinforced concrete construction can be penetrated with ease to reveal the exact positioning of the cars.

One end of the system is fitted inside the car, while the other one is connected either to your mobile smartphone, tablet of computer. You can easily activate the device once the vehicle is in motion and it sends location data directly into the palm of your hands via an app on the smartphone. There is no better way than to help recover or find any stolen vehicles and much more effective than leaving it to the police to action and recover.

Of course, the best ones have the furthest tracking distances and can be activated as well as de-activated from anywhere, and not necessarily while you are near the object. These devices are used on a daily basis amongst law-keepers such as the police force or the army and have helped find many stolen or damaged vehicles. Monitoring is done from inside of the police cars and a pinpoint exact location is shown on a map such as Google Maps or a radar display map.

Passive Versus Active Car Tracking

As mentioned above there are two main types of car tracking systems; however, some of the latest technology regarding this has dived into creating innovative options that drivers and car owners can choose from. The main two categories, however, remain the same – Active and Passive tracking.

Passive devices store vehicle information from the GPS, such as speed, exact location and can be turned off and on. You can even open and close doors in some vehicles remotely, also known as the remote keyless entry, and by the touch of a button, you can operate the car doors.

In the modern era, many of these vehicle tracking systems combine both the active and the passive systems, where data can be downloaded directly to your phone or a server, whether network or internet is available or not. It stores data on a memory card, much like how we store images on our phones until the network is recovered again. These are also similar to how the passive systems work.

When you have invested a significant amount of money into a vehicle of your choice, it becomes your pride and joy. When this is taken away from you, it can be heartbreaking. Kitting your car with one of these tracking systems ensures a peaceful nights sleep and recovering your vehicle in the event it does get stolen.

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