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June 25, 2021

How To Become A Successful YouTube Vlogger

A successful blog or vlog takes care, effort, maintenance, work, and time. If you are ready for difficulties and continuous improvement, let's figure out how to become a popular YouTube vlogger.

YouTube is the most significant video-sharing website ever. Here you can practically find any category of a target audience, i.e., almost any business can find its potential customers there and promote its products. Any vlog can find its target audience. While traffic is gradually decreasing on other video hostings, YouTube is continually becoming more and more popular.

In this article, we are going to show you the main peculiarities of running a YouTube vlog and define how to become a successful YouTube vlogger. Let's go!

1. Come Up with a Cool Idea

You can't start a blog or vlog without an idea. More precisely, you can create your channel, but if there are no ideas for content, you won't become a successful vlogger. A beginner should follow the plan that has been previously drawn up (what to shoot, what photos to take, what text to write).

It's the best decision to write down cool ideas in a content planner so that not to miss a single interesting concept. The first thing any vlogger needs is to find inspiration regularly. You will have to pay attention to everything that surrounds you. Even a trivial event can be used as the main topic of your new video.

2. Pay Attention to the Video Quality

In search of information on how to become a YouTube blogger, in each article, you can read that you should buy an HD camera. But it's worth noting that sound plays an equally important role as well. A beautiful picture won't succeed if the sound is poor. People won't watch such content or rather listen to it. Investing in a quality microphone will pay off with grateful subscribers.

Nevertheless, the video quality shouldn't be neglected. Someone listens to the 'visual content,' but someone still watches it, the majority, by the way, without sound. Therefore, don't forget to add captions to your videos. For these purposes, you can use special video editors (Movavi, Magisto, VSDC, etc.). The success of your channel depends not only on the content of the video but also on its quality.

3. Define Your Target Audience

You can't become a successful vlogger without defining your target audience. You need to know who to shoot the video for. This is the only way to increase the followership constantly. Before starting vlogging, you should analyze those people who will watch it – namely, their age, location, fields of activity, etc. The better the potential audience is defined, the more understanding of what and how to shoot you have.

4. Develop Your Channel Design

When starting a channel, you need to not only think over its main idea but create the total stylistic design of your vlog. Firstly, you should work out the corporate identity of the account: the cover photo and logo should be designed in the same style. Intros are best designed in the overall style with captions and freeze frames from the video. They should attract viewers and boost reach in every possible way.

5. Provide Feedback

Public speaking courses can teach you how to speak nicely and clearly. But a successful YouTube vlogger must know how to provide feedback.

Listen to the viewers’ opinions and criticism. Read the comments below your videos and, if possible, answer them. Feedback from the vlogger always helps to increase popularity. Focus on your audience's interests. Sometimes followers can recommend a topic for your next video or some places, events, and things on which you can shoot a new review. Don't care about haters either – just ignore them.

6. Stick to the Schedule

A strict content plan plays an essential role in the video-making process. If you don’t make a plan, everything will fail, and you will spend a lot of time trying to shoot something. Before starting a channel, determine the following for yourself:

  • The frequency of the placing videos
  • The structure and content of the episodes
  • The genre and format of the videos

Consistency is essential; the viewer should get used to your schedule and channel. If you determine to place content twice a week, keep on track.

7. Collaborate with Other Vloggers

For faster and more efficient channel development, it's essential to cooperate with various creators. This way, you can quickly gain your YouTube channel popularity by sharing your audience and increasing the awareness of your videos.

Find similar channels with the relevant themes and start collaborating with authors.

There are several formats for working with bloggers:

  • Integration – a short insert (3-5 seconds) with the information about you and how cool you are.

  • Exclusive – a separate video about you and your vlog. This option of promotion has practically ceased to be used.

  • Conjoint stream/video. This variant is the most effective, as it enables you to individually present yourself to another vlogger's subscribers and inspire them to follow your channel.

Some Interesting Facts About the Video Hosting

  • YouTube is used by 1.9 billion people in the world. According to this indicator, only Facebook is ahead of it.

  • 79% of Internet users are registered on the site. This popularity can be explained by the availability of hosting: YouTube is suitable for both searching for content and creating it.
  • 80 official languages are supported. This is 95% of the world's population. In comparison, Facebook supports only 43 languages.

  • At least 90% of users from 18 to 44 years old make use of YouTube. For millennials, this social media is the most visited site. But 51% of users over 75 years old also watch video content on the platform.

  • Daily, people watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos and generate a great many views. On average, there are almost 9 minutes per user.
  • 62% of companies use YouTube as a marketing tool. And here, they not only share news and product reviews but actively communicate with users and potential clients as well.

  • Almost 75% of YouTube watch time is on smartphones. An advantage is all videos are already optimized for small screens.

  • 90% of users find out about unique trademarks and commodities on YouTube. That's why this format is especially important for marketers. If you have a chance to demonstrate or explain something via video content, try not to miss the opportunity.

Your YouTube channel development makes sense only if it's a constant and regular activity. Once you've created a successful video, it's important to make the most of it. If a video on your channel turned out to be especially cool, gained a lot of views, likes, comments, and subscribers, then try to repeat this success in several variations. Good luck!

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