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January 06, 2022

Top 7 Tools You Need to Write Emails Like a Professional

If you think email marketing is irrelevant and no one reads emails anymore, then you are wrong: research by Statista.com shows that the number of emails is growing from year to year. This means that they are still read – take a look at your mail: there will be letters about registrations, promotions of online stores, changing the password, etc.

In this article, we'll take a look at the trends of the outgoing 2021 and take a look at 7 useful email marketing tools to grow your business.

Trends 2021

1. AI technologies in email marketing software. AI is now ubiquitous and is heavily used to create emails and promote newsletters allowing marketers to be focused on their products and services. How is AI helping today?

- Smart dispatch. Thanks to AI, you can improve your rankings by sending emails at the right time when your followers are likely to open them.

Personalized content. AI can send smart recommendations based on customer behavior, location, interactions on your website or mobile app, and more.

Optimized themes. The subject lines can be inconsistent. AI can analyze your correspondence and identify the best topics for your clients.

2. Interactivity and gamification. Customer engagement is the goal of sending emails. Interactivity will help to achieve it, especially since it is now gaining momentum, and allows if used correctly, to raise conversion by three times, if not more. Interactive buttons, short videos, GIF images, animations, quizzes, puzzles, product cards with dynamic price tags used in your emails can encourage the user to interact with you. As practice shows, these elements can increase the engagement of readers at times.

The most winning engagement tool is a short video introducing a new product, presenting a team, or upcoming promotion campaigns. For example, you can make a video where the final part is blurred, as if creating intrigue for a potential client – so they will definitely go to your site, hoping to find out what is hidden behind the blurred screen. To get a high-quality video with such a technique, you need to master one of the simple, user-friendly mp4 editors.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology. Accelerated mobile pages open up new, convenient options for email recipients, for example, buying goods directly from an email without visiting the company's website. Thus, interaction with customers is accelerated, conversion is growing, and marketers receive up-to-date information about users, which they can use in the future when forming email newsletters.

Such templates for email marketing help to add various interactive elements to emails: carousel with pictures, pop-up blocks, dialog menus, feedback forms, lists, etc. The dynamic content can be implemented using email layout services. Any layout designer can also make an HTML template and use it.

4. User-Generated Content. These terms mean comments of real users about a product/service, their reviews, photos, reposts with branded hashtags posted on social media. That is everything that consumers themselves create. Such content inspires a lot more trust among potential users than a typical email marketing campaign.

5. Omnichannel. Nowadays, marketers are increasingly using omnichannel communication with the audience. Email newsletters are combined with posting in social networks and chats in instant messengers, linking all this into a single environment for interaction with customers. For example, when subscribing to a newsletter from social networks, you can offer the user a bonus, discount, gift certificate.

Email Marketing Tools

As we have already defined above, email remains one of the main channels of communication between companies and their audience. But even experienced marketers having an email generator at hand can have trouble preparing emails. How to "hook" the user and induce them to open your email among the whole heap of emails? How to make sure that it reads the letter to the end, appreciates and remembers your proposal? Here are 7 useful tools to help you get the most out of your email.

1. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor checks the text for readability. Highlights long and overloaded sentences. Shows in color how to split or shorten a sentence, making it easier to read. Identifies words that you want to get rid of, such as adverbs and passive voice. Suggests how best to rephrase a thought using simple words.

In the control panel of the text editor, tag management is allowed, you can select the desired title: H1, H2, H3. Allowed to format text, make lists, links, and more. In addition to the Internet version, there is a paid text editor that can be purchased for $ 19.99 and downloaded to your computer.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly helps you by checking the text for grammatical errors and spelling. The service additionally checks the originality of your text and advises on how to improve the style. Indicates misuse of words and contextual errors. There is a free and paid (deeper check) version. If you buy a paid subscription, then a weekly report on checks will be sent to your mail. The check also works as a plugin in the most popular browsers.

3. Crystal

As with face-to-face communication, different people use different styles of email communication. Using publicly available online user data, Crystal evaluates your recipient's personality to determine the tone and language that is most effective in getting their attention.

With this extension, you can view the personal characteristics of the people with whom you are in correspondence. Crystal helps with the tonality of suggestions, such as expressing confidence and courage or sticking to the big picture. You will receive tips for writing business emails, such as how to write briefly or use official language.

4. Read-Able

The free Read-Able tool checks the readability index of a text fragment with automatic precision. For verification, the principles of determining readability laid down in the Flash-Kincaid formula, are used. A higher numerical index of the text indicates that the passage is easy to read, while lower scores indicate the complexity of the text.

A readability score is related to the intended educational level of the reader, that is, to their ability to understand the text. Helps the author to adapt stylistically to the target audience. With the help of Read-Able, you can write a text that will be understandable even for a student.

5. Briskine

If you often write essentially identical emails, but for different recipients, then you have to get out and write the same thing, but in different ways - it could be complicated and boring. Briskine creates text templates for emails, accessible via keyboard shortcuts. For example, for such phrases like "Thank you for contacting us ...", "Regards, Robert", etc. The program works as a browser extension that gives you access to your saved templates.

6. WiseStamp

WiseStamp is a simple tool for making advanced and smart email signatures with all contact data and links you need to share, including your photo. To use it you need to download the extension and then register.

In WiseStamp you can make your signature actionable by offering several different calls to action or connection points (email address, social media channels, website, telephone, blog posts, scheduling meetings). It allows you to brand or humanize your company. According to their website, this small change gives 32% more email responses.

7. Spam Analyze

Don't want to end up in your spam folder? Spam Analyze is at your service. This is an application for checking how well your email matches spam filters. Although from an aesthetic point of view, it may be confusing for someone. However, Spam Analyze is a great site for checking headers and other text that causes your email to be sent to your spam folder. It's very simple to use: copy and paste the text you want to mark and click "Analyze."


Email remains a professional communication tool today and continues to be vital to online marketing. Email marketing trends are changing, but one thing remains the same: to deliver high converting emails, you have to make content that people want to read. The reviewed tools can be useful in this matter. Constant practice is very important, but these solutions give you an opportunity to write emails like a pro.

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