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January 14, 2022

4 Types of Apps Truck Drivers Must Have While on the Road in 2022

The US has over 3 million truck drivers. And according to the American Trucking Associations, they move about 73 percent of the US’s freight by weight. A total of 38 million trucks registered in the US travel over 300 billion miles each year. Many of these trucks are usually on the road for long-haul trucking. From one corner of America to the other. These trucks make sure people get their goods in time.

While on the road, truck drivers do not have access to many amenities. However, as long as they have a smartphone, they can drive to their destination with little difficulty. They can do so with the help of a few apps. These types of apps make truckers’ lives on the road a lot easier. Let us look into four such types of apps, and how truck drivers can benefit from them.

#1 Navigation Apps

Truckers have to cover hundreds of miles every day. They have to cross towns, forests, mountain passes, and different terrains. And it is natural for them to not remember in detail the route they are to take to reach their destination. Before smartphones, they would have to keep track of the path on actual maps. Now, they can easily do so with the maps on their phones.

Google Maps is arguably the best option here. Using the phone’s built-in GPS, it can navigate the driver to their destination. The map can also point out the nearest hotels, restaurants, ATM booths, and fuel stations. These are all necessary for long-haul driving, and truckers need to make the most of this app.

Truckers can also opt for an app called Trucker Path if they are not too fond of Google Maps. Trucker Path is a specific navigation app for truckers. It has a truckers’ forum, trip planning option, weight station, scale information, etc. The app also has a feature showing you fuel stops that have truck clearance.

#2 Weather Apps

Statistics from the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration suggest that 22 percent of all road accidents are weather-related. That accounts for one million accidents every year due to bad weather conditions. The conditions that affect truckers the most are heavy rain, snow, fog, and slippery roads.

Thus, before heading out and while on the road, truckers need to keep track of the latest weather forecasts. And to get the live weather forecast, they can simply install a weather app on their phones. Of course, they will need a weather app that uses real-time weather data from weather radars directly. For that, Tomorrow is the ideal choice. It is smart, efficient, and can keep truckers updated on the very latest weather updates.

By keeping track of the weather, truck drivers can steer clear of any dangerous weather conditions. They can also make necessary preparations for any sort of bad weather.

#3 Audio Streaming Apps

Long-haul trucking can get very boring. Truckers often tend to fall asleep behind the steering wheel of their trucks. So to keep themselves awake, they will usually tune in to the radio. However, even radio programs can get boring. Thus they need something more engaging.

Audio streaming apps would be perfect here. Spotify is a great option in that regard. With millions of songs on the platform, truckers will always have something to listen to. And if music is not their thing, they can always turn to eBook readers like Audible. They too have an amazing collection of eBooks that drivers can listen to while on the road.

These apps are anything but distracting. Unlike videos, they will not make the drivers look away from the road. Thus, they are a lot safer.

#4 Fueling Solution Apps

GasBuddy is a great app for helping drivers find fuel stops. The app lists over 150,000 gas stations in the US. It also helps drivers find the cheapest fuel prices. Drivers can also check out fuel station reviews, earn rewards, and find information on stations with shower and dining facilities.

These are all the types of apps that truckers should have on their phones in 2022. With these apps, they will never get lost, always be aware of the weather, have something to listen to when bored, and will know where to stop for fuel. The apps, thus, provide a complete long-haul comfort and safety package to these drivers.

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