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January 28, 2022

How WebRTC Provides Cost-Effective Customer Service Solutions

In the last decade, technology has witnessed revolutionary growth. With new applications and platforms to support interactions between businesses and consumers, there is no looking back.

When it comes to customer service solutions in contact centres and multinationals, WebRTC is technology unlike any other. With the long list of benefits that it brings, it is no surprise that tech giants are investing millions into WebRTC.

Curious to know how it can solve your customer service problems? By the time you finish reading this quick piece, you would have the answer.

Cut the Delay

Web Real-Time Communication (or WebRTC) is a paradigm-changing application that acts as a bridge between the analogue and digital worlds. When a customer calls your business, WebRTC effortlessly transfers the call from the phone to the web browser of the customer care representative. This process is so fast and smooth, that neither the customers nor the receiver feel any lag.

You do not need multiple telephone lines, physical telephones and the corresponding wiring, which saves you revenue. Customers, on the other hand, do not have to wait in the queue to be connected with an agent because the software does the routing automatically without delays.

Powerful Features

The technology comes with high-quality audio, video and data processing that never lets you down. In contact-centre like environments that rely on the constant back and forth phone calls, the quality of communication matters as much as the information being shared.

When it comes to post-sale activities, customers form their opinions about the brands they use with the quality of customer services they offer. With WebRTC’s in-built features, you do not need any additional technology to connect with customers and the crystal-clear communication eliminates the need for multiple e-mail exchanges, enhancing the overall level of customer satisfaction.

With a reliable internet provider and business-centric unlimited data plan, you can reap the full benefits of WebRTC’s futuristic technology.

360-degree Integrations

WebRTC can work in harmony with smartphone apps, many of which already have it inbuilt for effortless operations. You do not separate apps dedicated to messaging, one on one video calls and other customer support channels – seamless integrations into singular apps can handle all that and much more without breaking a sweat!

What’s more? External data processing and analytics platforms can be deployed to analyse the information generated by WebRTC without any hassle. It is an internet-based application that can also be used to study customer behaviour patterns, getting insights through the intercommunication between customers and your website.

Leading internet browsers have no troubles running the WebRTC and sharing the data thus collected between users and applications. Inter-app communication is never a problem for WebRTC – the platform can assimilate easily with your business-specific CRM and other applications to give you a better picture of who, what, and, how of your business.

Improve Customer Experience

Besides the reduced wait time, WebRTC has many other advantages that uplift customer satisfaction levels automatically. One of them is the audio-video chat that significantly improves the first-call-resolution numbers — customers do not have to get in touch with the servicing agents multiple times for the same issue which improves their experience.

With all-around integrations, multiple devices and OS support, customers get a wide array of options to choose from. While this gives them the benefit of choice, it also benefits your business by distributing the queries across all channels. No more clogged telephone lines, back and forth e-mail exchange and dissatisfied customers leaving poor reviews online!

Improve Productivity

As long as the supporting mechanisms are in-place, WebRTC delivers stellar performance all day, every day. The executives would automatically have increased productivity from faster systems that never let them down, adding more revenue and reducing excessive costs for your company.

The platform operates through the internet, instead of relying on the traditional VoIP technology which comes with huge costs. You also do not need to purchase hundreds of other software applications because WebRTC does it all in one place.

With an ever-increasing number of benefits that translate to cost savings, you can reap from the WebRTC interface, the sky is the limit. And when you choose the right internet provider that promises speed, bandwidth and uptime, there’s no stopping you!

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