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August 15, 2022

DevOps Talent Market in Dach: Alternate Ways to Hiring Locally

There are a lot of modern tech companies that still fail right now. It is not only because of the more intense competition. It can also be because they are ignoring the DevOps business model. The DevOps business model shows that development and operations can work together. This can be done when you find a DevOps engineer.

The time will come when other companies that have paid attention to this issue will become noticed more. They will be able to get their products and services available to the public easily. They do not have to worry that their website is going to have downtime or would need to be under maintenance for a long time. You should hire DevOps engineers soon. They can make a lot of difference with the success of your business.

How Can DevOps Engineers Improve Your Business?

DevOps means Development Operation. A lot of people have a hard time describing it because there is no fixed definition. It can be considered a type of culture. Companies should start to follow this type of culture so that they can adapt easier to the changing times.

DevOps engineers will be in charge of coming up with strategies to get the development team and the operations team together. The better that they can work together, the more ideal it will be for the business.

Some of the things that they can do are the following:

  • They can make different people work and collaborate.
  • They will be able to deploy apps in a faster amount of time.
  • They can make changes to apps and websites with minimal disruptions.
  • Recovery of data will be faster.
  • Products that will be put up are going to be more resilient so that they will not be replaced easily by the products that will be released by the competition.

Why You Should Choose DevOps Developers in DACH Region

It can be a real problem to find a qualified DevOps engineer. You can make an effort to look nearby and even offshore. Sometimes it will take a while. There are different things that you have to think about. Some of the candidates will not be qualified enough. Some are highly qualified but their fees will be staggeringly high.

This is why you should start looking for DevOps developers coming from the DACH region. Their fees will not be as high when you compare them to the developers from other countries. You do not have to worry about their skills too. The developers from this region make an effort to always improve and update their skills.

Key Benefits of Hiring DevOps Engineers from the DACH Region

It will be easy to look for DevOps coming from other regions but you are not sure about the quality of the work that you will get. You want to hire engineers who will know exactly what they are doing. They should also be passionate about helping your business improve.

Expect that DevOps engineers can do the following:

  • They are fully aware of their responsibilities and will always make an effort to achieve those responsibilities easily.
  • They also know that DevOps security is going to be important. Your products and services should be your products. They cannot be taken by other people.
  • DevOps engineers should make an effort to improve the platforms that they already have. They do not have to make new platforms all the time. Sometimes, they just need to make an effort to improve the codes that are available to fit the recent times.

Take note that there are no specific details regarding this career. Those who would be hired should just have the right skills to do it properly. Plus, it will help if their fees will not be staggeringly high too.

Cost of Hiring DevOps Engineers

Let us say that you would like to hire Azure developer. How much do you think this will cost? The fees that DevOps engineers will charge will depend on different factors.

  • Cost of Living – Many people in different countries are used to different costs of living. For example, $1,000 will not be enough for people to live in some parts of the United States. If the same amount is being earned in a third-world country, it will be more than enough to feed a whole family.
  • Skills – Some DevOps engineers can charge their fees depending on their skills. For example, those who are still starting may charge a lot less especially if they know that they still have a lot to learn.
  • Experience – You would like to hire DevOps engineers who may already have a lot of experience in handling products and services that are similar to yours. Just make sure that their services will be useful for your own company.

Knowing all of these things will let you have an idea about the cost of hiring DevOps engineers from different countries.

If you would hire a DevOps engineer from the United States, you need to pay about $103,252. This can be considered a very high amount. If you would be hiring someone from Canada, the fees will be even higher at $105,411 annually. If you would hire DevOps engineers from the DACH region, you can only expect to pay about $40,000 to $50,000 annually. Just imagine how much you will be able to save especially if your business is still starting.

Fees will become significantly lower when you try to hire DevOps engineers from some parts of Asia. Just remember that while the fees are lower, you cannot be assured that you will get the same quality that you are expecting to get from DevOps engineers from other countries.

Some DevOps engineers would need to be paid more because they are part of the upper 10% of the best DevOps engineer in the area. Consider if you have the budget to hire these engineers. The money will be worth it.


Hiring a DevOps engineer is of utmost importance this time. You want to become better than the competition. You want people to notice you and what you do. This is the best way to do that.

Just remember that to find a DevOps, you may have to search long and hard. The only time when this will not be an issue is if you would hire through a company. You can be sure of the skills and knowledge of the engineers that you can hire. Are you ready to start searching soon? The time and the money that you will spend on a quality DevOps engineer will be worth it.

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