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August 03, 2016

Frozen Mountain Announces IceLink 3: Media Chaining, Selective Forwarding and TCP Support is One Giant Step Forward for WebRTC Streaming

Surrey, BC — Frozen Mountain is pleased to announce the release of IceLink 3, the latest version of our award-winning WebRTC audio, video and data streaming SDK. IceLink 3 provides an entirely new way for developers to create WebRTC-based Real Time Communication (RTC) application solutions.

IceLink 3 introduces a new media chaining architecture that gives developers complete control over every step of the media flow. Developers can choose which components to use – encoders, decoders, recorders, mixers, audio resamplers, video converters and more – and in which order. This provides an unparalleled degree of control over the media stack, and also introduces a simple and intuitive approach for building cost-effective selective forwarding (SFU) and multipoint control (MCU) server applications. IceLink 3 also supports dynamic source switching and branching within the chain. In IceLink 3, every conceivable media path can be wired up and changed live while connections are active.

“More and more organizations are looking at using WebRTC on a server to facilitate recording, selective forwarding and audio/video mixing,” remarks Anton Venema, CTO of Frozen Mountain Software. “Since IceLink uses our own internally developed WebRTC stack, we have re-architected the core of the product to give developers complete freedom in both client and server environments with no fuss. Want to record a remote video stream, but not sure if the remote end is going to send VP8 or H.264? Just attach a MatroskaFileSink to both your Vp8Depacketizer and H264Depacketizer and the media chain will sort it out.”

In addition to media chaining, IceLink 3 provides support for the H.264 codec and hardware acceleration, as well as a TCP fallback for restrictive networks. Major performance enhancements are also packed into this release, which reduce memory allocation and increase memory re-use. For server-based solutions, this equates to a massive performance boost, squeezing every last drop out of your server resources when forwarding and mixing with no hiccups or freezes. IceLink 3 makes it more efficient than ever to create customized RTC streaming applications. Together with Frozen Mountain’s WebSync for signaling, text chat and whiteboarding, the two SDKs provide the necessary framework for a complete RTC solution.

To learn more about IceLink 3 and download a free trial, visit frozenmountain.com.


About Frozen Mountain Software

Started in 2008 and having grown to over 300 customers in 47 countries worldwide, Frozen Mountain provides cross-platform, licensed Real Time Communications (RTC) SDKs and RTC services. Our SDKs allow organizations to incorporate WebRTC audio/video streaming, selective forwarding, audio/video mixing, screen sharing, call signaling, text chat, shared whiteboards, browser synchronization and internet pub/sub messaging into their applications. Learn more at frozenmountain.com.

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