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September 14, 2012

Google Leverages WebRTC to Enable Tabcasting

While World Wide Web consortium (W3C) continues with its efforts to standardize real-time communications over the Web or WebRTC, search engine giant Google is exploring ways to leverage WebRTC for other forms of communications.

One of them, according to a report on ConceivablyTech site, is screen sharing and tabcasting.

Based on information provided on Chromium’s developer pages, ConceivablyTech reported that Google is working on a Chrome extension API to enable users to “tabcast.” As per the explanation on this site, it will allow users to share a portion of the desired screen with other users instead of sharing an entire screen.

In other words, it allows you to reveal only what is necessary during that form of communication.

Consequently, as per this report, if the user considers a browser as a desktop surface with many open tabs, he or she may not desire to share everything with everyone. From that standpoint, depending on the participants, Google’s tabcasting would enable a user to share different portions of the screen with different people.

As a result, each participant in this form of communication would see a different screen.

Privacy, for example, may be one of the reasons for not sharing a complete screen with others during such communication. Take for instance, sharing an image folder with your parents, but not showing a chat or a game that is happening in another window, suggests ConceivablyTech.

The report indicates that this kind of technology could offer enormous benefits to Web applications that are exploiting screencasts/tabcasts today. The report identified a webapp-based board game as an example wherein multiple players share a single game. As a result of this technology, such a game would then be hosted by one of the players and others would participate through a shared tab in each player’s Chrome browser.

According to ConceivablyTech report, as WebRTC evolves, Google is ready to exploit the emerging technology to add new features to Google Chrome and Google+.


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Edited by Braden Becker
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