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September 19, 2012

WebRTC at the Illinois Institute of Technology Real-time Conference

For 8 years, the Illinois Institute of Technology has hosted a conference around real-time, with a focus on VoIP, wireless, and next generation 911. Last year, WebRTC was not really mentioned, this year it was the focus of the real-time voice on network track as well as part of a number of keynotes. 

A tutorial by Alan Johnston and Daniel Burnett, authors of a book that just came out on WebRTC, showed how easy it is to add WebRTC to apps using Java Script. After that, there were many presentations about the technology, how it would impact the market, where the standards are, as well as demonstrations of some apps using WebRTC.

The clear impression left by the conference is that WebRTC is moving very fast. While there were open questions about video codecs and even about how the SDP operates for signaling, it is clear that WebRTC is rapidly gaining momentum. With both Google and Mozilla indicating their resolve, WebRTC in browsers will be a reality soon and real apps on the Internet are not far behind.

Now, with WebRTC World, a focused WebRTC event, there will be all new interest around the topic. For enterprise IT groups, Internet B2B and B2C companies, and app developers, coming up to speed with WebRTC and the associate events around HTML5 and mobile payments are essential to prepare for the changes coming in 2013. Adding real-time to apps and business websites will quickly become a clear way to differentiate and succeed.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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