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October 17, 2012

Twilio Makes a Developer's Life SIMPLE

Today Twilio, the cloud communications company, announced a renewed alliance with Microsoft, which includes expanding availability on Windows Azure Mobile Services, in order to make Twilio's voice and messaging APIs easily available to Windows Azure customers.

Tens of thousands of Windows Azure developers were introduced to Twilio after the relationship was formally introduced in May 2012. Through Windows Azure Mobile Services, these developers will now have access to the Twilio API.

Mobile Services allow developers to easily create scalable and secure mobile apps for the Windows Store that utilize features such as structured storage, user authentication and push notifications.  Partnering with Twilio adds two-factor authentication, SMS messages triggered by database updates, and many other capabilities.

Today, Mobile Services with Twilio can be used by developers building Windows Store and iOS apps. In subsequent preview releases, support for Android and Windows Phone will follow.

Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud platform for developing and deploying Web, mobile and enterprise applications.

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Twilio's simple REST API delivers a flexible, scalable and reliable way to access global telecommunications networks for developers whose apps require features such as interactive voice response, mobile app distribution via SMS, call automation or two-factor authentication. To deploy voice and text messaging apps for Windows 8 and iOS, Twilio has made it easier than ever for Windows Azure developers simply by expanding to Windows Azure Mobile Services.

"Since May, when Twilio first offered their communications services on Windows Azure, developers have created incredible apps. Now Twilio is extending their offerings to Windows Azure Mobile Services, and we are happy to offer the same communications," said Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president of Windows Azure, Microsoft.

Jeff Lawson, Twilio CEO, concluded that Microsoft is providing developers with powerful cloud-based tools for mobile apps with the Windows Azure Mobile Services platform.

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