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October 30, 2012

AddLive to Sponsor Upcoming WebRTC Conference in San Francisco

AddLive recently announced that, later in November, they would be serve as a proud sponsor of the upcoming WebRTC (real time communications) conference and expo located in San Francisco. In addition, they will be demonstrating cross platform support for WebRTC with integration into common web platforms, browsers, desktop applications and mobile apps, along with back-end infrastructure capabilities critical to enterprise adoption.

Without the installation of plugins, WebRTC enables any supported browser to natively connect using live video and audio. In the same way the browser changed information and created the 100 million websites that exist today, these capabilities are slated by press and the analyst community to change communications.

As companies from all industries move to harness this new capability and drive efficiencies in commerce, healthcare, education, finance, social interaction, gaming and others, instant video connectivity over the Web will unleash a new wave of innovation.

“We are excited about the potential of WebRTC to drive live video adoption across the Web”, stated Kavan Seggie, AddLive Founder and CEO.

He added that with deeper levels of customer engagement and acquisition, a frequent communication is established with companies that are working with API’s to create innovative new products and services that will change the Internet landscape, making it more personal and bringing it to life.

On quality of service, and ease of integration across different platforms on the Web, mobile and traditional software markets, AddLive has a laser like focus. To deliver high quality embedded video and audio capabilities to the enterprise market, the company evolved out of a three year engineering effort initially with the use of a browser based plugin, but increasingly with the support of WebRTC. With the increasing adoption of its API and SDK platform across an ecosystem of startups and established companies worldwide, the strategy is showing success.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo


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