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November 08, 2012

WebRTC Now in Firefox Nightly and Firefox Aurora

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) for desktop is now in both Firefox Nightly and Firefox Aurora, according to a news report.

The Mozilla Hacks blog reported this week that of the two, Firefox Nightly “has the hottest up-to-date fixes.”

WebRTC, which is an open framework for the Web, allows communications in real time in a browser.

It has “building blocks for high quality communications on the Web” including audio, network and video components for video chat and voice. It also uses Javascript APIs.

In the case of Firefox, the Web browser supports “mozGetUserMedia, mozRTCPeerConnection and DataChannels” and offers a “basic UI for mozGetUserMedia,” according to the Mozilla Hacks blog.

WebRTC has been “embraced by other browsers, including Opera and Chrome,” but “integration into Firefox is perhaps even more important” for Mozilla, Net Magazine reported.

“Mozilla is aiming to remain relevant in the mobile space, in part through its work on a web-standards-based operating system for smartphones, for which technologies like WebRTC will be essential,” Net Magazine added.

In some other recent news about WebRTC, TokBox has released OpenTok on WebRTC. This makes “OpenTok the first platform to enable anyone to build high quality video chats using WebRTC-enabled browsers,” a report stated. “For the first time, it is now possible to build two-way video between WebRTC-enabled browsers and iOS devices, solving a major barrier for many developers and corporations who wish to provide a high quality experience to their users across devices.”

The WebRTC initiative is supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera, and WebRTC’s potential impact on communications is a “game changer,” technology consultant Phil Edholm said.

“With WebRTC I can just point my device at your server and interact with you,” Edholm told TMC CEO Rich Tehrani in a recent interview. “We can add communications to virtually everything.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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