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November 27, 2012

Mozilla CIO Todd Simpson to Deliver Keynote Address at WebRTC Conference and Expo

Chief innovation officer for Mozilla, Todd Simpson, recently accepted an invitation to deliver a keynote address at the WebRTC Conference and Expo, which runs from November 27-29, 2012, at the South San Francisco Conference Center. Co-hosted by TMC, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting, WebRTC Conference and Expo brings together the architects, enablers and practitioners of WebRTC to advance standards and discover promising new applications for the WebRTC platform.

As chief innovation officer of Mozilla, Simpson plays a vital role in WebRTC going forward as Mozilla develops the widely used Firefox Web browser. Furthermore, the company's commitment to an open and accessible Web will likely ensure that WebRTC will also remain open and accessible.

As for Simpson himself, he has founded a number of leading-edge technology companies throughout his career, including: Call Genie, which went public in Canada; Worldplay Networks, which provides high-quality HD streaming video at low bitrates; EZone Networks, which was sold to Clubcom and; SBC pioneer Jasomi, which was sold to Ditech Networks, a voice solutions company that Simpson ended up running. Furthermore, Simpson led research and development at QSound Labs and Zi Corporation.

As such, Simpson seems to be an ideal keynote speaker at the WebRTC Conference and Expo, due to the breadth and depth of his expertise with Web-based video and audio.

"The Web is now integral to how people communicate, and WebRTC represents a significant leap forward and opens exciting new possibilities for both users and developers," said Simpson in a statement. "Mozilla is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the open Web, and we're thrilled to see such a vibrant community building around the advancement of WebRTC."

WebRTC Conference and Expo is supported by a number of sponsors — ranked as Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver — one of which being Mozilla itself.

Recently, Mozilla demonstrated that open source doesn't equate to unprofitable by any means as the company's 2011 numbers demonstrate with total revenue hitting $163.5 million last year.

Are you interested in learning more about WebRTC Communications? Then be sure to attend WebRTC Conference and Expo in San Francisco, Calif. from November 27-29. Stay in touch with everything happening at WebRTC Expo: Follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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