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November 27, 2012

Zingaya Achieves 'Terrific Milestone' in WebRTC

Zingaya, a provider of next-generation click-to-call services, has strengthened its position in the WebRTC space as it continues to encompass today’s technological practices, having recently revealed the new WebRTC version of its click-to-call widget, which is now available for all Zingaya users and customers.

This new WebRTC integration is aimed at better improving sound quality and user experience, which the company is confident will only further grow as WebRTC becomes increasingly available on mobile devices in the future. And as it does so, “even more customers will be able to experience the convenience and simplicity of Zingaya,” the company explained in a blog posted yesterday.

“We’re excited to announce that the WebRTC version of our click-to-call widget is now available for all Zingaya users and customers! You don’t have to do anything (except celebrate this terrific milestone with us), because our widget automatically recognizes whether a caller’s browser supports WebRTC or not (for now only the latest Google Chrome 23 does),” the company continued in the post about the exciting new announcement.

The way this new development works is that before your customer makes their online call, the company’s widget – located in the WebRTC-enabled Chrome browser – will request access to the customer’s microphone for privacy reasons. Once accepted, users can then select their preferred audio recording device under the “options” menu.

Image via Zingaya

“As you know, we’ve been actively involved in the development of the WebRTC standard. We’ve been playing with the dev builds of various browsers for nearly a year, and now are excited to leverage our leadership by releasing our customer service click-to-call widget on WebRTC via the newest version of Chrome,” the company concluded.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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