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November 29, 2012

Plantronics, vidtel, Zingaya and More Win Big at WebRTC Conference and Expo

WebRTC, or Web real-time communications, is an exciting new technology. It allows users to make voice and video calls directly from their Web browsers without the need to download applications or plug-ins. The technology is poised to revolutionize the way we communicate with one another, and many companies are making exciting inroads and innovations in the space. Those companies came together this week in San Francisco, California for the WebRTC Conference and Expo, for keynote speeches, collaboration and communication. As a culmination of the event, award winners were announced in several categories.

Here are the winners in each of the seven categories:

  •  Ready Now Award: Zingaya. Zingaya’s solutions enable voice calls through any computer right from a webpage, without the need for a phone or any kind of download.
  • Best Conferencing: vidtel. MeetMe and Connect are vidtel solutions that enable video conferencing through the cloud.
  • Beyond the Call: bistri. With bistri, you can have fun with your video call, adding effects, taking screenshots and sharing with your friends on social networks.
  • Best WebRTC Tool: Tropo and priologic. Tropo allows you to add voice and SMS capabilities to your applications, while priologic’s easyRTC bundle is open source technology that helps developers with WebRTC deployments.
  • Visionary Award: Plantronics. Plantronics makes connecting WebRTC communications to wearable Bluetooth devices quick and easy.
  • Best WebRTC Demo: PubNub. PubNub’s solutions work on any device and are designed specifically for mobile use.
  • Audience (News - Alert) Choice: PubNub

The above companies represent some of the freshest, most exciting business working in the WebRTC space, and their innovations will shape the space for years to come. The event featured quite a bit of thought leadership and many exciting applications and solutions, meaning that the future of WebRTC is exciting… and it is here.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo
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