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January 21, 2013

IOCOM's Visimeet Solution Dodges Java-Affected Bullet

The topic of security has been on the tech industry’s radar as of late. With the BYOD trend in full swing, cloud computing on the rise and WebRTC gaining popularity, keeping business and personal mobile devices safe from malware and malicious cyber attacks has never been more important. And as these trends continue to grow in 2013, the industry is sure to encounter more and more security attacks and breaches.

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security Computer Emergency Response Team issued a warning to Java users that a security flaw had been discovered that would give hackers the ability to install malware on computers. Due to a lack of software protection, cyber criminals, typically searching for information pertaining to credit card numbers, banking credentials and passwords, are able to easily attack PCs running Java on their browsers.

WebRTC is particularly affected by Java’s security breach because its real-time communications are developed in a browser using Javascript. WebRTC is set to be one of the top mobile trends in 2013, but security concerns in the VoLTE network remain.

IOCOM, a video conferencing solutions provider, informed its customers that its platform Visimeet will not be vulnerable to the security disruptions caused by the recent Java incident. Unlike many other video and Web conferencing solutions, Visimeet is designed with enterprise-class software for business use, not Java.

"This is a serious threat to users because of the large number of programs, including videoconferencing solutions, that require Java to operate," said Jon Swanson, IOCOM chief technology officer. "With no fix on the near horizon, the only way to avoid infection is to disable Java, which fortunately has zero impact on IOCOM, allowing our Visimeet platform to operate at its full functionality."

Using video, audio and data conferencing to connect users, Visimeet is a real-time conferencing solution that gives users the ability to share, transfer and view important data. It can connect with several endpoints, including room systems, desktop, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

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