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January 21, 2013

Twelephone Unveils Features Roadmap for Consumers, the Enterprise

WebRTC may still be in its infancy more or less, but its potential has already captured the interest of many major companies. That said, even the technology's most basic functionality — real-time Web-based communications through a browser without the need for plugins — is game changing in and of itself.

As such, companies such as Twelephone, have begun enabling WebRTC-based communications in browsers that support it, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Twelephone was formed relatively recentl,y but has gained a lot of steam in a short amount of time thanks to being one of the only handful of players that hopped onto WebRTC as soon as it was made available.

In order to continue gaining momentum, however, the company has to begin introducing features that will set it apart from similar competitors. In fact, Twelephone recently addressed this in a blog post of its roadmap, which outlines upcoming features for both consumers and enterprise users.

On the consumer side, users can look forward to real-time notifications being limited only to people in their contact directory or the people they call on Twitter, which goes hand-in-hand with new privacy settings that will allow users to limit calls to only come from the people they follow on Twitter. Video and voice messaging will also be introduced and subject to the same user-selected restrictions dictated by the new privacy settings.

The Twelephone instant messaging platform will see improvements, with real-time websocket infrastructure, while conferencing will allow for multiparty conversations of all types. Along those lines, enhanced collaboration features — whiteboard, file and document sharing — will also be introduced.

Other new features will include Twitter call links, in and outbound telephone numbers for placing and receiving traditional phone calls, active speaker support and increased browser support as new browsers add WebRTC functionality.

Meanwhile, enterprise-specific features will include automatic call distribution, yellow page listings, tweet history, premium rate Twelephone numbers and an open plugin architecture that will allow third-party developers and companies to offer their services through the Twelephone platform.

Twelephone went on to say that it does have many more ideas in the works — including opening the service up to other social networks — but wanted to start a discussion on the features specified in its blog post first.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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