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January 22, 2013

Voxeo's Phono Project Improves Web Real-Time Communications

Voxeo Labs is joining the effort to improve real-time communications between Web browsers by offering a support system for the WebRTC project currently under way at The Phono Project, a product of Voxeo Labs.

An article published on Phono’s website describes WebRTC as an “open project that enables Web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple Javascript APIs.”

“Their mission is to enable rich, high quality, RTC applications to be developed in the browser via simple Javascript APIs and HTML5," according to the article.

WebRTC is the brainchild of The Phono Project, which believes that the next revolution for the Internet is the ability to establish real-time connections directly between Web browsers. It has been boosted by Google’s recent release of $70 million worth of opensource coding for the world to utilize.

The project has prompted Voxeo Labs to offer a complimentary mission for Phono: giving developers the ability to create strong voice and messaging communication applications using a simple Javascript Communications API. Because WebRTC is such a new venture, the experimental support system Voxeo is creating for WebRTC is only available in Google’s Chrome Canary experimental browser. 

Voxeo Labs, according to its website, is a communications solution company that provides products for more than 150,000 developers worldwide.

The Phono Project essentially turns any Web browser into a phone, allowing users to both place and receive phone calls by inserting a few lines of Java code. It is currently available for both computers and mobile devices. In July, Phono released its “best and most stable” update for the Phono project by adding support to Adobe’s RTMFP protocol.

“Phono also acts as an XMPP client capable of sending and receiving IM messages to and from any XMPP/Google Talk user,” the website states.


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