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January 22, 2013

VMWare and Cisco Partner to Showcase Innovations in Unified Communications Support

Cisco, one the world's leaders in IT, has recently released its newest innovation for real-time virtual desktop communication- Cisco Jabber. Jabber was designed as an all-inclusive unified communications application, which can be used for instant messaging, voice messaging and video conferencing. The application is supported in VMware View desktop environments, as well as other desktop environments, giving the user a clean, consistent interface regardless of  the device.

Additionally, Cisco and VMware have taken into consideration the obstacles in sustaining communications in virtual desktop situations such as extensive data center processing and instances of hairpinning for video and voice systems.

According to a recent report, "With Cisco’s Virtualization Experience Media Engine (VXME) software combined with VMware View clients, voice and video traffic from Cisco Jabber is processed locally on endpoints while media streams are routed point-to-point, bypassing the data center."

Virtualized desktops have steadily gained momentum as more businesses have embraced the improved functionality of the UC industry's products. With lowered costs, optimized security features, and the introduction of real-time communication systems, the large numbers of Cisco customers now have more tools at their disposal when managing virtual desktops. VMware has recently developed several solutions for businesses who are actively seeking a solution to improve their virtual communications. After partnering with Cisco, and other similar companies, VMware has compiled the following list of solutions to different businesses’ needs.

  • Business Process Desktop deals with the management and security of the offshore locations handling functions such as customer/tech support and administration.
  • Mobile Secure Desktop remains consistent across a wide array of business related devices and machines. Subsequently, IT has an easier interface to manage.
  • Branch Office Desktop offers streamlined communication between business branches and locations with their main management center.
  • Always On Desktop provides rapid response communications solutions within many different service and business types.

With these new innovations and solutions readily available for businesses, the notion of the virtualized desktop has firmly situated itself as the future of successful business.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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