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January 23, 2013

AnyMeeting WebRTC Hackathon Adds New Sponsors

AnyMeeting, a provider of Web conferencing for small businesses which recently hit a milestone reaching 250,000 registered users, recently unveiled the location and date of its WebRTC Hackathon. The event will be held at Chapman University in Orange, California on January 26. Meanwhile, Influxis, a provider of live streaming and real-time application hosting, has signed on as sponsor for the hackathon, alongside TokBox.

WebRTC is a specification and open framework drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) which enables browser-based real-time communications, without the need for plugins. The specification's importance to the future of high quality Web communications has been made apparent to companies such as AnyMeeting.

Indeed, Costin Tuculescu, president and CEO of the company, said in a statement: "As an online meeting platform that focuses on ease of use and no downloads, we're excited about WebRTC's direct contribution to what we do, which will clearly allow us to further refine and simplify our product."

"We also felt that it was very important to involve Orange County universities in this event to showcase the level of talent that's sprouting up in our community," added Tuculescu.

The AnyMeeting WebRTC Hackathon is open to software engineers, designers, product managers, marketers and entrepreneurs that are interested in building a new project, product or service involving WebRTC in a 12-hours hack session. There is no cost for entry and the winning team will be awarded $5,000.

As the event is to be hosted by Chapman University's Schmid College of Science & Technology — in partnership with the Ralph W. Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, and Chapman's eVillage — AnyMeeting invites students, prospective students and alumni in the area to participate.

It seems January is a big month for WebRTC-related hackathons as AT&T hosted one earlier this month, which had developers competing for prizes using the company's recently released Call Management API. Based on Ericsson's IMS Innovation Platform and WebRTC, the API enables any device to be reached by a single share mobile number.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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