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January 30, 2013

Vidtel Brings Video Conferencing and WebRTC to Everyone

Science fiction movies promised us a future where we would be able to communicate over ubiquitous video screens. Modern technology, however, has not quite lived up to that promise. Some of us use Skype to talk to our best friend who lives hundreds of miles away, while others might work for companies that have huge, expensive video conferencing suites for large meetings.

But what if these two kinds of people want to communicate with each other in a simple and seamless fashion?

Until now, it’s likely they would get frustrated and just decide to have a phone conference. But Vidtel has the answer to this conundrum, and the company is ready to bring it to the world.

Vidtel has only been in existence for five years, but its CEO, Scott D. Wharton, has been in the VoIP and UC space since the very beginning. His company specializes in cloud-based, multi-party video conferencing systems that operate like Cisco or Polycom – only cheaper.

Wharton pointed out that many companies do voice only, and some do proprietary video conferencing to compete with Skype, but he saw a gap in the market. Vidtel has created a way to send a simple link to a person, and allow him or her to connect to a one-on-one or group video conference simply by clicking on the link.

The solution works with WebRTC, Skype, conferencing systems and more. The solution had been in beta, but is now available to the public, and Wharton has received strong feedback. I had a chance to use the solution myself at ITEXPO Miami 2013, and I found it ridiculously easy to use and of high quality.

Wharton joked that some videoconferencing is “five nines" reliable, and wants to make the Vidtel solution reliable to "five nines." The solution is reasonably priced for businesses who want to pay for a higher quality solution. He sees the solution as somewhere in between a free service, which is notoriously unreliable, and an expensive conferencing suite.

Companies interested in a free 30-day trial should click here.

Edited by Braden Becker
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