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February 20, 2013

Tango Network Now Has WebRTC Capability

Tango Networks announced in a statement that it now has mobile integration with Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) applications.

WebRTC is an open framework for rich media communications, including voice and video data, through Web browser software. This allows developers to access content without having to rely on proprietary software for communications.

Tango Network’s WebRTC integration supports the ever-changing IETF RTCWeb standards and includes a WebRTC-to-SIP gateway and services API.

Tango Networks’ WebRTC API gives mobile service providers the ability to integrate WebRTC applications with their mobile subscriptions, letting WebRTC applications connect with a user’s mobile phone number and work with any existing mobile services they have.

Mobile service providers can use this to include single or multiple identity management services across mobile and WebRTC interfaces, utilize advanced capabilities to transfer sessions between mobile service and WebRTC clients, and share mobile network and location information.

“WebRTC represents the advent of new communications services for enterprise and consumer users,” said Andrew Silver, CTO and cofounder of Tango Networks. “With Tango Networks’ WebRTC integration, mobile service providers can enable new transformational services that can be associated with subscribers’ real mobile and/or enterprise identities.”

With Tango Networks’ WebRTC solution, customers on any mobile phone with it can access enterprise IP telephony infrastructure, allowing corporate users to access unified communications and PBX services via WebRTC clients on desktop computers, laptops and smartphones, giving users the flexibility to make and receive calls while using mobile phone services or WebRTC clients, while still having a corporate identity off-site.

This allows employees who use their own devices for work to have both corporate and personal profiles via WebRTC client access.

Tango Networks allows mobile devices to be an office phone, letting users connect into enterprise IP telephony infrastructure and marinating security and integrity of data exchanges.

Edited by Braden Becker


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