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April 08, 2013

Chrome 27 Beta Browser Released with Numerous Upgrades

Google’s Chrome has released a beta version of its Web browser, expected load the visible parts of a webpage up to 5 percent faster than the previous versions of the browser was able to do. The speed boost of Chrome 27 beta is apparently going to be made available for desktops as well as mobile devices, as long as they aren’t iOS.

Apple products, at least for now, will now have access to this newer, faster beta.

The speed increases are apparently made possible thanks to changes to a resource scheduler. This particular code – which handles the order of HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as other code in images – is successfully managed in the browser. The latest version of Chrome has a scheduler that is more aggressive when talking about using an idle connection. The program also reportedly pushes back at the point at which images are preloaded.

The browser actually prioritizes painting and displaying the content in the browser window.

There are a couple of other changes that are being made to the newest version of the Chrome browser as well. These include the ability to play back live audio through the Web Audio API, allowing for low latency audio manipulation and playback. There is also a WebRTC PeerConnection that allows the browser to facilitate the analysis and manipulation of the input signal to WebRTC.

This particular tweak has only been made available on desktop and laptop computers. Both Mac and Windows will be able to access these features.

Smaller upgrades have the month, week and data input types in a new interface when addressing the desktop version of the Chrome browser. There is also a new DevTool that changes support for vertical split view in “dock-to-right” and the ability to customize column layout.

Edited by Braden Becker
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