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June 04, 2013

Vidtel Adds Haverford Systems to its Channel Partner Program

Vidtel recently added Haverford Systems, a custom technology integration specialist, to its channel partner program. As such, Haverford Systems is now able to provide Vidtel-powered cloud videoconferencing services, namely Vidtel MeetMe, as part of its own portfolio of solutions.

Haverford Systems is a specialist in audio/visual technology solutions and integrating visual communications with the IT resources of its customers. The company handles all phases of a solution's rollout, from needs assessment and budgeting, to installation and ongoing support.

"We're thrilled to partner with the team at Haverford Systems," said Alex Doyle, VP of Marketing at Vidtel, in a statement. "Haverford has done a great job of educating their customers about the benefits of cloud video, with eBooks, webinars and online and in-person support: their technical and operational excellence combined with their commitment to customer service makes them a great partner."

Vidtel MeetMe is a cloud-based, any-to-any video conferencing service, meaning it is capable of seamlessly bridging two typically incompatible hardware endpoints, such as SIP and H.323, along with soft clients like Cisco Jabber, and consumer applications like Google Talk and Skype. MeetMe even supports emerging video conferencing endpoints, such as browser-based solutions that leverage WebRTC. Vidtel added native support for WebRTC to its MeetMe and Gateway cloud services earlier this year, allowing businesses to take video conferencing in new directions.

Vidtel Gateway brings MeetMe's any-to-any functionality to a customer's existing video conferencing bridge, extending it to support a wider range of endpoints.

"Increasing organizational productivity by integrating audio-visual resources can make meetings up to 10 times more efficient," said Paul Richards, Business Development at Haverford Systems. "But our customers don't just want their meetings to be efficient — they want their operations to be efficient too. And with cloud-based videoconferencing, they get all the benefits and productivity of video, without the expense and overhead of managing a premises-based solution."

Edited by Alisen Downey
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