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June 06, 2013

Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment, WebRTC Not Competitive but Complementary

WebRTC is considered by many to be the future of communications or, as a recent market forecast from Disruptive Analysis put it, WebRTC may be "one of the most disruptive Web/telecoms innovations in years." However, there are a lot of developer platforms out there that won't go down without a fight and are excellent communication/collaboration options in their own right.

For example, the recently introduced Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment (AACE) has received a fair amount of praise, not the least of which from David Petramala, executive vice president of Esna Technologies, developer of the popular cloud-enabled Esna Officelinx communications and collaboration platform. According to Petramala, who is one of the Avaya DevConnect partners that has worked with AACE for the past few months, Avaya's new platform isn't just excellent – it's a better choice for businesses than anything based on WebRTC.

AACE is a middleware platform that helps developers to accelerate building or connecting apps to the Avaya Aura stack of unified communications and contact center software. As such, it offers access to tens of millions of users worldwide.

"Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment simplifies things by letting us plug directly into Avaya's entire set of voice, video and other communication services without any major overhead," said Petramala in an interview. "Where we once had to deal with multiple versions of APIs and products, we can now communicate directly to Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment. This accelerates our development and simplifies the deployment of our solutions."

Aside from accelerating development, AACE enables Esna and Avaya joint customers to future proof their Avaya investments with support for cloud-based communication and collaboration applications. As such, AACE allows Esna's developers to "access WebRTC services without having to become WebRTC experts," according to Petramala. In other words, AACE and WebRTC aren't competitive so much as they are complementary.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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