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June 11, 2013

Talkilla Plans to Launch Real-time Communication Service in FireFox

Talkilla is the latest development that browser Mozilla is working on to help users communicate in real time through FireFox and WebRTC browsers. Once completed, it would be the first service being offered by Talkilla that would offer real-time collaboration.

“Integrating real-time communications into the browser will enhance user’s browsing experience, allowing conversations to continue alongside web navigation and the sharing of fata, e.g. files and urls,” said Talkilla. “WebRTC does not standardize peer discovery nor does it touch on contact and presence management. This is significant hurdle for web sites to fully leverage RTC. Therefore Talkilla will also offer APIs to its core services.”

Additionally, Talkilla will enable service providers to give users access to even more products such as telephone networks, additional features and more value-added services.

“Talkilla adds direct plugin-free communication options to the Firefox Web browser that users can make use of to communicate in real-time with their contacts and to share their online experience with them,” reported Ghacks. “Mozilla plans to make APIs available to websites, so that their services can make better use of WebRTC as the technology itself does not make available contact and presence management options.”

A few mockups of the updated browser have been released showing a new icon that will appear in the tool back with a little chat button. That button will be green, red or yellow depending on your chat availability. You can also be invisible and get a notification if there is a connection problem. Similarly to that of an instant messaging program, you will always have access to your contact list’s availably based off of the same color indicators.

When speaking to a contact you can virtually send them everything from files, URLs, documents and more – with a completed view of the transfer. Audio and video calls are also available through the new service.

Talkilla has not released a launch date yet.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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