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June 12, 2013

Bolder Thinking Enables Seamless Click-to-Call with webRTC Connect

Bolder Thinking, a provider of cloud-based telephony tools for businesses and contact centers, has introduced its latest offering, webRTC Connect. This new plug-and-play real-time communication platform offers click-to-call functionality in any browser that supports WebRTC.

With this announcement, Bolder Thinking has demonstrated its commitment to WebRTC and its ability to enable browser-based real-time communications without the need for plug-ins or the installation of a native app.

The company, a silver sponsor of the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo, is aiming to revolutionize the way people communicate via online and social outlets on the consumer side, as well as in the call center. On the consumer side, this means an immediate voice connection can be established with the click of a button or phone number on a website or social chat client.

Doing so will also transmit rich data to the agent on the other end, enabling a superior user experience and enabling better overall service. Indeed, on the contact center end, the data passed along by webRTC Connect makes it easier for an agent to expedite calls and handle them properly.

"Our latest innovation provides a simple and powerful way to communicate," said John Jasper, CEO of Bolder Thinking, in a statement. "It's game-changing for companies hyper focused on conversion optimization and providing a stellar customer experience."

Furthermore, a partnership with Astute Solutions allows webRTC Connect to offer a seamless experience from any compatible browser in addition to a seamless transition from automated support and live chat to voice. This allows Web visitors to escalate an ongoing online conversation to a voice conversation with the same agent, while of course passing along vital information that helps provide context to the call.

Likewise, it's easy for companies to implement webRTC Connect as the technology works across all telephony platforms, whether they fall inside or outside Bolder Thinking's call center telephony solution. As such, it takes only minutes to get up and running with webRTC Connect.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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