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June 19, 2013

Streaming Business Solutions Puts WebRTC to Work for Small Businesses

It's easy to get caught up in the more advanced uses and capabilities of WebRTC since many companies are rushing to be the first to use the technology in new and exciting ways. However, there are many ways in which WebRTC's straightforward browser-based, real-time communications can be put to use.

For example, Streaming Business Solutions has launched its flagship website, which leverages WebRTC to facilitate face-to-face contact with the nation's top business consultants. The site is meant to act as a central, online resource for those seeking the advice of small business specialists.

"The idea blossomed from the lack of accessibility to the typical consulting firm. We have heard complaint after complaint about $10,000 minimums and how time consuming these meetings were. We aim to change that," said Spencer Friedrich, founder and CEO of Streaming Business Solutions. "Streaming Business Solutions is a first of its kind, online consulting service that brings top consulting talent to clients, on their terms, at an affordable price, with no commitment or minimums. Our goal is to bring quality, convenience and simplicity to anyone from anywhere."

It's tempting to think that ease of access to consultants means they aren't as qualified as consultants available through traditional means, but this isn't the case with Streaming Business Solutions. In fact, the company says each of its consultants has undergone a "rigorous selection process" that evaluates consultants' training, professional achievement, previous employers, recognitions and more.

Furthermore, the company claims that 95 percent of its consultants have earned graduate degrees at one of U.S. News World Report's top business schools.

Since Streaming Business Solutions uses WebRTC to support high-quality, two-way video conferencing, the only requirement to use its service is a WebRTC-enabled browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. This also makes Streaming Business Solutions essentially future proof as mobile WebRTC support isn't a long way off.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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