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June 20, 2013

Teledini WebRTC Solution Provides Instant, Valuable Online Interaction between Visitors and Businesses

WebRTC (real-time communication) is a revolutionary API for communications – both for voice and video, as well as peer-to-peer connectivity. 

It is an open project which provides Web browsers with RTC capabilities via Javascript APIs. The WebRTC API is now available in Chrome and Firefox, as now Chrome and Firefox can communicate.

In addition, Teledini has a Beta solution where visitors, using a Chrome browser on a Teledini-enabled website, who want to Click-to-Talk with the Web owner, use WebRTC and WebRTC-to-SIP. It is called Teledini's Call2Action. It shows the value of WebRTC.

“WebRTC is going to change the Web experience for all of us,” says Teledini President Steve Smithwick in a company statement. “Surfing the Web will no longer be a one-way, self-help medium. WebRTC is going to enable a highly interactive Web experience that is more satisfying and productive than ever before. Teledini is at the forefront of this innovation.”

Click-to-Video delivered through WebRTC will be in production in a Beta release, the company said.

“WebRTC will be the cornerstone of the communications components in our general availability rollout later in the fall,” Smithwick announced recently.

In its solution, Teledini allows for “instant interaction” between a website visitor and the Web owner, while also giving important data about the visitor to the Web owner, the company explains. That leads to improved conversion rates by up to 60 percent, the company says.

Now, businesses spend time and money on Web design, pay-per-click ads, and search engine optimization to get visitors to their websites.

“Sadly, studies show businesses take an average of 42 hours to respond to inquiries from visitors to their website. As a result, their conversion rates of website visitors into customers are unacceptably low,” Smithwick said. “Teledini converts Web visitors into customers.”

Here are some further details: The company’s offering is now in Chrome and will soon be offered in Firefox. It supports WebRTC and WebRTC-to-SIP. It also supports Opus audio, ISAC audio, VP8 audio, h.264, and G.711 SIP.

Installation of the tools and their later use appears easy. Tools can be installed on a website in less than 20 minutes. Web visitors press a button on the website and are instantly connected to a salesperson. Customers pay when they are connected to the visitor who has become a sales lead.

“We are already monetizing WebRTC in two ways: for our customers by increasing their sales and for our company by offering a valuable and profitable solution,” Smithwick said.

Looking at the bigger picture, Smithwick said that WebRTC has huge business implications.

Given that any Web developer can add live communication to a Web app through WebRTC by adding a few lines of JavaScript – just think of the future. 

“The number of developers capable of utilizing this sort of technology becomes huge,” Southwick said. “And all of those new imaginations will begin creating products and services that we can’t even fathom yet. New business models will emerge and the way people interact with the Web and everything on it will change.”

“Virtually anyone can compete in the communication world,” Smithwick adds. “It no longer takes millions of dollars to imagine a browser-based Skype alternative. One could certainly envision customer service and sales teams finding innovative and interesting uses for multimedia collaboration and communication with their online audiences.”

Also, when it comes to browsers that do not support WebRTC, Teledini uses Flash Player for Click-to-Talk. It uses XMPP for chat.

Teledini will be at Table 25 at the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo at Atlanta’s Cobb Galleria on next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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