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June 25, 2013

OpenClove Readies Launch of WebRTC Platform

OpenClove next month will launch the WebRTC version of Live Board. WebRTC is a technology that will allow for real-time voice and video interactions from a Web browser, and without requiring special client software.

Live Board is a reference application that allows users to enter into a multi-party video call directly while browsing, playing or shopping on any website. Shubh Agarwal, vice president of marketing, says that Live Board, which is available in the Apple and Google app stores, showcases the WebRTC concept so people can browse any content, chat and share the same screen on any end device. That is in beta, and OpenClove will launch the WebRTC version in July, he says.

What’s unique about this platform is it’s optimized for mobile use and is enterprise grade, says Pulin Patel, OpenClove CEO. Agarwal adds that OpenClove caters to enterprise users and Web developers with the aim of enabling them to insert WebRTC capabilities into their apps within five minutes. This week, many of these users are gathered at the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta, Ga.

OpenClove has been working with WebRTC for nearly two years. During that time it has optimized the technology to make it work more efficiently for mobile devices in terms of the bandwidth it consumes, the processing power it requires, and its drain on the battery, says Patel. The company has also worked to deliver a solution that’s industrial grade on the back end. You start needing that kind of thing when you want to address mobile devices, support more than two parties, and scale, he adds.

Patel explains that the company takes audio, video and text, virtualizes it, and puts it in the Amazon cloud. OpenClove, he says, has been looking at how video communications can really become a mass market phenomenon. Of course, many people already use video services like Skype, but they tend to use them only occasionally, he says. But if you make video communications embeddable, he adds, video communications becomes part of an app instead of being the app itself.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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