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June 25, 2013

PubNub Takes WebRTC to the Enterprise with New SDK

PubNub, a cloud service that enables real-time applications on any device, has further delved into the realm of WebRTC with the release of the PubNub WebRTC SDK at the WebRTC Conference and Expo. At the previous WebRTC Conference and Expo, PubNub took home the Audience Choice award — an honor the company may once again receive with this release.

"WebRTC is an exciting, emerging standard in the real-time collaboration movement," said Todd Greene, CEO and co-founder of PubNub, in a statement. "With the PubNub WebRTC SDK, companies can create globally scaled WebRTC solutions with the real-time collaboration features customers expect."

The PubNub WebRTC SDK is a logical extension of the core PubNub real-time application cloud service, making it easier than ever to deliver WebRTC apps via PubNub to create fully featured collaborative applications that can be scaled to millions of users. In other words, the SDK makes WebRTC immediately more enterprise friendly with little added effort.

Indeed, the PubNub Network offers the ideal base on which to build collaboration services. For example, PubNub Presence can automatically detect when users connect and disconnect, while PubNub Broadcast Messaging is able to signal all end users simultaneously — a key feature for group collaboration. Meanwhile, the network's Storage/Playback and Real-Time Analytics features add further capability and value to real-time collaborative apps.

Even though the PubNub WebRTC SDK was only just made widely available, PubNub customers such as Ondello have already started using it to pair up the PubNub Network with WebRTC in significant ways.

"WebRTC is a powerful protocol, but by itself only provides the foundation for peer-to-peer communication. If deploying an enterprise grade application, there are lots of capabilities your user community will demand outside of WebRTC," said Ondello CEO Mark Hadfield. "At Ondello, we use PubNub for dynamic configuration of our WebRTC meeting service, as well as user-to-user messaging, all in real-time."

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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