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June 26, 2013

TokBox Unveils New WebRTC Solutions at TMC Event in Atlanta

WebRTC holds great promise, but the industry needs to make it extremely easy to use for developers and end users for it to meet that promise. TokBox is doing all it can to simplify WebRTC and make it an enterprise-grade platform for commercial services. That’s the word from TokBox CEO Ian Small, who gave the opening keynote this morning at the WebRTC Conference & Expo.

Small leveraged the Atlanta event to unveil some solutions aimed at enabling this simplification. That includes the new Cloud Raptor, and additional features for the recently unveiled Mantis solution.

Cloud Raptor delivers centralized command and control of WebRTC communications. It does timing, analytics and more. The solution, which includes a Java SDK, centralizes business logic for your OpenTok app and enforces policies for face-to-face video connections.

Mantis is TokBox’s media routing solution, which was announced eight months ago. It does routing, scaling and shaping, and enables you to scale a video communication from a single endpoint into as many endpoints as are desired.

Today TokBox announced that it is adding intelligent signal adaptation to Mantis. Intelligent signal adaptation allows video connection quality to be monitored in real time and, if significant quality issues are perceived, it can cause that user or users to fall back to audio-only signal(s). In that case, the user is notified, fallback happens, and the user sees an avatar on the screen.

“This all happens without the developer having to write a single line of code,” said Small.

According to Small, the whole idea of launching a commercial-scale video app is pretty complex, and the last thing we all need is more complexity in our lives. So TokBox is working to make WebRTC easy for developers and enterprises/users. For the group at WebRTC Conference & Expo this week, it’s about the technology. For others, however, we need to try to make the technology go away.

“When it’s that easy, that’s when we will have made WebRTC the fabric of the online world,” Small said.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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